Friday, December 7, 2007

Special thoughts and prayers needed!

Last night, Randall's Grandad went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains. They did an EKG on him and it turns out he has elevated heart enzymes and they were worried, so they sent him to a larger hospital. They know he has a lot of gallstones, but they are still worried about his heart. I am just asking for some extra thoughts and prayers for him please. This man means so much to me. I am not kin to him by blood, but he treats me as one of his own. He is such an amazing man. He has such a kind heart. He ADORES Ruthie and she ADORES him. He loves all his grandchildren so much. I wasn't really close to any of my grandfathers. I wish I could have been, but I wasn't. Grandad has shown me so much love and compassion. I know that I am the lucky one to have him in my life.

Wednesday night's sermon was about our spiritual gift of giving. Grandad has this gift. When Brother Troy talked about it, Grandad was the man who popped into my head. Grandad doesn't have much. What he has he worked HARD for. He knows the true meaning of living life. He would give us whatever we needed even if he had to search hard for it. He amazes me. I know that he will always be there for us no matter what.

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