Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We Could Never....

Hi again everyone!  It's been quite some time since I have blogged, but I have some big news!  We FINALLY opened our home for fostering!  Our CALL coordinator asked for bloggers to blog about foster care and I figured now was as good of a time as ever to open this back up and begin blogging!

The title of this post is "We Could Never."  I want to begin with the fact that this was not our view on fostering.  In fact, it was something God called us to do and we answered.  We knew that if God called us, He would equip us.  That's exactly what He has done.  I titled this post because I hear those words often.  So often when people see us with our G-Man, I am told, "I'm so proud of your family.  We could never do it."

People, let me first just tell you this.  You CAN do this.  Will there be difficult times?  Of course.  Will there be tears shed?  Of course.  However, would you rather these sweet, precious children not experience love?  Don't they deserve us being attached and loving them?  Don't they deserve someone crying over them.  Don't they deserve our prayers?  Don't they deserve a home where they will feel safe and protected?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you CAN do it.  In the end, it's not about us, it's about them.  I think having my heart broken is worth it for these children to feel showered in God's love!

As we enter the unknown, we have to trust that God is by our side.  He will guide us and give us all we need.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Blog

I had to start a new blog b/c in order to keep mine, I have to pay, and I really don't feel like paying!  So, I started a part two of my blog-  Here is the link!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Still here...

Just way overwhelmed and way too busy!  Believe it or not, I am still kicking.  I have been down for the past week due to a dry socket, but I am on the road to recovery!

I have had many awesome things going on.  Mainly- tons of photo shoots!  You can slide on over to my photography blog and see some that I have completed! .  That's been my main reason for lack of blogging.

Another reason is Ruthie has been attending swim practice.  This is something I was super excited about!  She started off not really enjoying it too much.  I felt like a bad mom b/c I made her continue going.  She said it was soooo hard.  However, she didn't realize how much work it would be and she wouldn't pace herself.  She was giving it her all and totally wearing herself out!  She starting enjoying it around the third practice, but still would say it was hard.  She didn't want to quit though.  Today is our last practice.  I am a bit sad, but a bit happy b/c I am ready to come straight home after work instead of rushing!
Here she is learning how to float.

Here she is swimming on her back!  I was shocked at how fast she learned!  I don't know how to rotate the video...sorry!

Last weekend I had a very amazing opportunity to work with the Both Hands Project. My dear friend and her family has answered the call to adopt a sweet, precious soul from Honduras.  This little one has brown eyes that will MELT your heart!  With this project, we went in and helped a widow, in return for donations for the adopting family.  All proceeds go to the adopting family.  I pray that they raise some good money to help.  I was shocked to find out how much it cost.  With that being said, a child IS worth it.  They need them.  We worked all day and got quite a bit accomplished.  The family went back and finished what we started.  It was amazing seeing this kind widow, and giving to her something she may have never received   The project goes on the verse James 1:27 where God instructs us to look after widows and orphans. It was an awesome opportunity and I am so blessed to have helped alongside my friend, her family, my husband, my niece, and a great group of teens and adults!

Randall also had the chance to preach Sunday morning and night a sister-church in a nearby town.  I love seeing my man up there delivering God's Word.  He is doing amazing too.  It's awesome to see the Lord work through him.  I am blessed to be his wife!

Everything else is going well around here.  Super busy, but who isn't.  I am ready for the holidays b/c I missed out on some family time last weekend.  I am ready to see all my nieces and nephews.  I pray it doesn't take me this long to get back on, but if it does, I apologize.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reminiscing & Missing

I grew up in a fairly large family.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  I am the baby.  My mom called me the caboose.  (Insert eye roll here!)  I used to be soooo embarrassed by that, but I have overcome that....maybe!
Growing up as the baby, my sisters were eleven and ten years older than me.  We weren't super close.  I suppose we were when I was a baby; my mom says Sue basically raised me! Thanks Sue! 
Sharie and I fought a lot.  I think I was nothing more than the bratty little sister.  In fact, when she started teaching at my high school, we all thought it was going to be a disaster.  The funny thing is, she became my best friend.  I loved having her there with me.  It was fun being her student!  As we grew up, I got married and she had a baby (she was already married).  About 18 months later, along came Ruthie.  This just brought us even closer.  She was my go-to when I was having mommy issues.  She is a great mother.  We also started scrapbooking.  We would get together and have scrapbooking nights.  Or at least try!  Usually Simon and Ruthie would fight and our nights would end early or we would just get NOTHING accomplished.  I sure miss those nights.  
I was SUPER close with my brother Joe, who was and still is my hero.  Growing up, he was my EVERYTHING.  My world spun on his shoulders.  He hung the moon. I used to think he would love me more if I was a boy.  I wanted to do nothing but impress him.  He taught me to ride the bike up Denning Hill and hooped and hollered when I made it, making a scene.  He would walk me to the middle of the hallway where I turned left and he turned right and would give me a kiss on the cheek every day.  He was the best.  He helped me through our trying times, and was always there to threaten to beat up my boyfriends if they hurt me.  In fact, Randall was more scared to meet Joe than my dad.  He just knew how much Joe meant to me. 
Here's the issue-  Sharie and her family moved a few towns away; just a little over an hour away.  Sad to say, we don't make it there often enough.  I miss her dearly.  We were working for the same school district.  She transferred schools, which I don't blame her at all.  It seemed like we saw each other a lot more often b/c we would meet up to deliver certain things or just to say hi.  I miss that.  I feel like she is so far away.  I didn't realize how much I did need her.  Yes, I realize an hour away isn't that far, but we are all so stinking busy.
Joe also moved about 1.5 hours away.  He is raising two precious girls and our sweet Eli.  It absolutely breaks my heart to watch them grow up through photos.  Don't get my wrong, I am FOREVER thankful for technology for this sole reason.  It's just hard b/c I never dreamed either Sharie or Joe would be so far away.  I really miss the both of them. I miss their spouses and their children.  It's funny how you take so many things for granted.  Growing up in such a small town, I just never thought we would all be spread out over the state.  I miss them so much.  I am very lucky to have Sue and George close by though!  I love this!  I have just had a really difficult time lately dealing with not having Sharie and Joe nearby.  However, I am VERY thankful for the time that we do have together.  I am thankful for all my siblings, their spouses, and their children.  General idea here- don't take your siblings for granted.  Enjoy every single moment you get with them and treasure it.  Make time for them.  Love you all!

Ruthie, Haley, Alex, & Simon

Haley, Alexis, Ruthie, and Josie

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Been away...

I haven't posted in a while.  I have had so much going on lately, that a lot of things have taken a back seat.  I had another weekend class last weekend, a baby shower, a wedding shower, and a family get-together.  It's amazing how busy you can be without even realizing it.
Today, is a much needed stay-at-home day.  Sure, there are things we probably should go get like groceries and other items, but it can wait.  Randall and Randy are napping, Ruthie's crafting, and I am editing.
We received an amazing blessing.  Randall usually works 3 days on, 3 days off, with the 6th shift being a night shift.  This was tough.  One, Ruthie and I are away from home Monday-Friday, 7-4 basically.  Two, when he did get off it was at 7pm, then he would have to shower just to come home, eat dinner, and lay the kids down.  There was ZERO time together as a family.  Well, a few weeks back they asked if anyone was interested Monday-Thursday 7-5 hours.  Randall jumped at the opportunity.  He has always dreamed of being off when we are and being able to attend church each time the doors are open.  Sure, we will be missing out on some money, but money is NOT everything.  We would all much rather him be with us.  He's pretty excited!  He is also preaching tomorrow, so it's going to be a good day!
Things are still a bit tough, from the last time I posted.  Please keep up the prayers for us.  We have full faith that God will pull us through!

Cousins gathered around eating lunch!  It was SO nice to get together and see everyone!

My sweet girl just relaxing and drawing some pictures!

Randy hiding from me!

My sweet girl got an award at school!  I am so glad to see her doing so well! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My hope is in You Lord

I am blessed beyond measures when it comes to this husband of mine.  He may drive me completely bonkers at times, but there are some times when he knows exactly what I need.  Today was just one of those days.  I was in a funk.  I get into funks quite often and sometimes, I get really, really down. I  won't sugar coat it, I am an emotional wreck.  I would NOT want to live with myself.  I would NOT marry myself. I am not the person I want to be.  I was just down today and I wanted nothing more than to crawl into my bed after the kids went to school and just lay there and cry.  But, life is in full swing and I had to get going.  I was in tears all morning.   Lunch time rolled around and I ran home to grab some lunch.  As soon as Randall saw me, he grabbed me and held me tight.  He knew exactly what I needed.  Yes, it sent me to tears, but I needed that hug so bad.  He knows I am down and he was there to pick me up.  I am forever grateful for him.  He knows just how to explain things to me to open my eyes.

I want to say that I fully trust God and always see the positive in everything and that I always have full faith.  I love it when my eyes are opened to see the full love of God.  I can sit her and tell you that I love God, I worship Him, and that He is my everything.  But, I am still a sinner.  I still fail Him.  I still don't understand why He loves me.  Today was a day when He opened my eyes to so much more.

As Randall holds me, he tells me that God has it all planned out. When He takes some things away, we can't cry and just give up as I was doing.  We have food, shelter, each other, and most importantly- God's love.  What else do we need?  Did I already know this?  YES.  Was I thinking this?  NO.  I was feeling all sorry for myself and letting material things get in the way.  God has me and will never let go.  Randall told me my hope and faith should be in Him and Him only.

As I drive back to work, God just put a song in my heart and again, made me realize how much He loves me.  Yes, things suck right now, but God is always right there....even through the sucky times.  My life is in You Lord, my strength is in You Lord, my hope is in You Lord!

Let me add that I know that what I am going through doesn't even begin to compare to what others are going through- cancer, adoptions, losing loved ones.  But, what makes God so awesome is it doesn't matter the severity, it just matters where your hope lies.  I am so thankful for the God I serve.  All I had to do was fall to my knees and ask for help.  Instead I laid there in self pity.  Thank you God for forgiving me.

I honestly don't know what I would do without a Godly husband.  He wouldn't have known just what to say.  My husband does because He serves God.  Thank you God for opening our eyes and pulling us back to You.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ruthie {my girl}

I knew I wanted to do a Ruthie post as well, so I thought now is as good of a time as ever.  Let's just say this little girl was a big surprise for me all around.  I didn't think she would be a girl, she was.  I thought she would be like me, a tomboy, she is FAR from it.  The thing is, I wouldn't change it for the world.  She has taught me how to play barbies, made me learn to mess with hair, and learn to like shopping for cute clothes for her.  (I still think dinosaurs are easier!)  Let's just say having a girl has been a big learning experience for me and I LOVE IT!  She is my first born, but will always be my baby!  I love this sweet girl.  She's my snuggle bunny, my Georgia Peach, my Sister Bear.  She teaches me so much about motherhood.  God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with her. 

She has taught me so much.  I love you sweetheart!