Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reminiscing & Missing

I grew up in a fairly large family.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  I am the baby.  My mom called me the caboose.  (Insert eye roll here!)  I used to be soooo embarrassed by that, but I have overcome that....maybe!
Growing up as the baby, my sisters were eleven and ten years older than me.  We weren't super close.  I suppose we were when I was a baby; my mom says Sue basically raised me! Thanks Sue! 
Sharie and I fought a lot.  I think I was nothing more than the bratty little sister.  In fact, when she started teaching at my high school, we all thought it was going to be a disaster.  The funny thing is, she became my best friend.  I loved having her there with me.  It was fun being her student!  As we grew up, I got married and she had a baby (she was already married).  About 18 months later, along came Ruthie.  This just brought us even closer.  She was my go-to when I was having mommy issues.  She is a great mother.  We also started scrapbooking.  We would get together and have scrapbooking nights.  Or at least try!  Usually Simon and Ruthie would fight and our nights would end early or we would just get NOTHING accomplished.  I sure miss those nights.  
I was SUPER close with my brother Joe, who was and still is my hero.  Growing up, he was my EVERYTHING.  My world spun on his shoulders.  He hung the moon. I used to think he would love me more if I was a boy.  I wanted to do nothing but impress him.  He taught me to ride the bike up Denning Hill and hooped and hollered when I made it, making a scene.  He would walk me to the middle of the hallway where I turned left and he turned right and would give me a kiss on the cheek every day.  He was the best.  He helped me through our trying times, and was always there to threaten to beat up my boyfriends if they hurt me.  In fact, Randall was more scared to meet Joe than my dad.  He just knew how much Joe meant to me. 
Here's the issue-  Sharie and her family moved a few towns away; just a little over an hour away.  Sad to say, we don't make it there often enough.  I miss her dearly.  We were working for the same school district.  She transferred schools, which I don't blame her at all.  It seemed like we saw each other a lot more often b/c we would meet up to deliver certain things or just to say hi.  I miss that.  I feel like she is so far away.  I didn't realize how much I did need her.  Yes, I realize an hour away isn't that far, but we are all so stinking busy.
Joe also moved about 1.5 hours away.  He is raising two precious girls and our sweet Eli.  It absolutely breaks my heart to watch them grow up through photos.  Don't get my wrong, I am FOREVER thankful for technology for this sole reason.  It's just hard b/c I never dreamed either Sharie or Joe would be so far away.  I really miss the both of them. I miss their spouses and their children.  It's funny how you take so many things for granted.  Growing up in such a small town, I just never thought we would all be spread out over the state.  I miss them so much.  I am very lucky to have Sue and George close by though!  I love this!  I have just had a really difficult time lately dealing with not having Sharie and Joe nearby.  However, I am VERY thankful for the time that we do have together.  I am thankful for all my siblings, their spouses, and their children.  General idea here- don't take your siblings for granted.  Enjoy every single moment you get with them and treasure it.  Make time for them.  Love you all!

Ruthie, Haley, Alex, & Simon

Haley, Alexis, Ruthie, and Josie

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Mari said...

I'm blessed to have my family close. 15 hours is a lot, and even 1 hour is really quite a bit to drive both ways, because life is so busy! Glad you have the others though!