Monday, November 19, 2012

Still here...

Just way overwhelmed and way too busy!  Believe it or not, I am still kicking.  I have been down for the past week due to a dry socket, but I am on the road to recovery!

I have had many awesome things going on.  Mainly- tons of photo shoots!  You can slide on over to my photography blog and see some that I have completed! .  That's been my main reason for lack of blogging.

Another reason is Ruthie has been attending swim practice.  This is something I was super excited about!  She started off not really enjoying it too much.  I felt like a bad mom b/c I made her continue going.  She said it was soooo hard.  However, she didn't realize how much work it would be and she wouldn't pace herself.  She was giving it her all and totally wearing herself out!  She starting enjoying it around the third practice, but still would say it was hard.  She didn't want to quit though.  Today is our last practice.  I am a bit sad, but a bit happy b/c I am ready to come straight home after work instead of rushing!
Here she is learning how to float.

Here she is swimming on her back!  I was shocked at how fast she learned!  I don't know how to rotate the video...sorry!

Last weekend I had a very amazing opportunity to work with the Both Hands Project. My dear friend and her family has answered the call to adopt a sweet, precious soul from Honduras.  This little one has brown eyes that will MELT your heart!  With this project, we went in and helped a widow, in return for donations for the adopting family.  All proceeds go to the adopting family.  I pray that they raise some good money to help.  I was shocked to find out how much it cost.  With that being said, a child IS worth it.  They need them.  We worked all day and got quite a bit accomplished.  The family went back and finished what we started.  It was amazing seeing this kind widow, and giving to her something she may have never received   The project goes on the verse James 1:27 where God instructs us to look after widows and orphans. It was an awesome opportunity and I am so blessed to have helped alongside my friend, her family, my husband, my niece, and a great group of teens and adults!

Randall also had the chance to preach Sunday morning and night a sister-church in a nearby town.  I love seeing my man up there delivering God's Word.  He is doing amazing too.  It's awesome to see the Lord work through him.  I am blessed to be his wife!

Everything else is going well around here.  Super busy, but who isn't.  I am ready for the holidays b/c I missed out on some family time last weekend.  I am ready to see all my nieces and nephews.  I pray it doesn't take me this long to get back on, but if it does, I apologize.


Mari said...

Nice to hear from you again. You surely have been busy! Ruthie is doing great and I'm haopoy to hear about the other good things in your life. :)

Our Family said...

Welcome back! So glad that Ruthie was able to stick with swimming long enough to find the fun in it.