Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy weekend-

We had such a busy weekend! Saturday we celebrated Ruthie's 2nd birthday! We had 25 guests show up. She wasn't too sure about everyone singing Happy Birthday to her, so she cried! She got her smile back during gift time! She loves every gift she received and has enjoyed playing with them all weekend!

Here are a few pics from her party!

As you can tell, she had tons of fun!


Sunday was a busy day as well. Sunday morning, Randall got baptized! When we decided to join our church, they asked if he would be baptized, since he had never been before! It was amazing, and I was so proud of him!

Afterwards, we went and had lunch at Grandad's with Pops, Granny (or Mimi as Ruthie calls her!), Aunt Steph, Uncle Ski, Amethyst, Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Jeannie! We had so much fun!

Sunday night's sermon was great. Brother Troy went on discussing about prayer. I have really truly enjoyed learning about prayer. When I have more time, I plan on putting some of my notes into a post. I have learned so much in the past few months! Brother Troy was talking about our revival and proceeded to talk about a young man becoming a man of honor by taking a huge step and getting baptized! It made Randall and I both feel like we made the right decision in joining the church. I am so proud of Randall!

Speaking of revival.....our revival is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you don't mind, please say a prayer, so that we are able to bring lost souls into the church and allow God to work His mighty charm on them! I am so looking forward to going! I can't wait to get that spark in me again! Tonight and tomorrow night we are having cottage prayer meetings. I don't think we will be able to make it, b/c we don't have a sitter, but I will be praying for our revival around 6:30 with them, just in my own home!

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Stephanie said...

Holy moly she is a cutie! I LOVE the first picture. She looks so grown up!
I am proud of Randall too...and will certainly be praying for your revival. I know the heart of our Father is happy when we anticipate Him showing up! Have a great week...