Thursday, June 12, 2008


We are loving the warm weather and family time! I hope everyone else is too! We have been swimming, playing volleyball, badmitten, and cooking out. We had Randall's family over the other night and we cooked out and played outside. Ruthie had so much fun with Amethyst! They rode in her Jeep and crashed into a few things! Ruthie can not drive that thing, but it sure was cute watching her try! She knew how to push on the gas, but she couldn't figure out how to steer. She was running into trees, the porch, and the slide. I couldn't help but laugh! Randall, Steph, Ski, and I played a few games of volleyball and badmitten. I STINK at volleyball, but it sure is fun trying! I got a good workout that's for sure!

My mom and dad opened their pool, so we have had tons of fun swimming over there with cousins. My sister Sharie and I keep our other sister's kids, Haley and Alex during the summer. Ruthie adores them and she has a ball playing with them. She never wants them to leave, and if when they do, she just wants to go with them. It's fun watching them together.

My brother is moving away. He's only moving 2 hours away, but it's still sad. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, and neither of them have lived far away. We've always lived really close to each other. It's breaking my heart. They have two little girls and with gas being so high, we won't see each other often. My brother and I are pretty close, so it's going to be hard. Just keep them in your prayers please.

Church is going well. I said recently that I am teaching Sunday school. It's going well. I am really enjoying this and I believe it is making me work harder. Although I am teaching younger kids, I am learning too. I am also a teacher for VBS, so I am really looking forward to that too! I just hope that I can get everything together! There's a lot to do, but I am ready for it!


Stephanie said...

LOVE the new layout! It looks wonderful!
I will be praying. I know it is hard being away :(

Cheri said...

I totally get how you are feeling. I would be devastated if any of my sisters or brother moved away.
Praying for peace for you~

Mari said...

I was thinking while reading this, how hard it would be if any of my family moved away. Cheri lives around the corner from me and Terri is about 20 minutes away. My brother is also close. I'll be praying for all of you. Sounds like you have a lot going on this summer. I think you'll be a great VBS teacher. You love kids and have a wonderful attitude!