Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another fun filled weekend!

Friday night was the release of Breaking Dawn! The 4th and final book to the Twilight series. If you haven't read them- GO GET THEM AND READ THEM! I am serious! I just fell in love with this series. It was amazing. Here's a link to the author's site.

Friday night, Sharie, my 2 cousins, and I all went to the release party at Books-A-Million and enjoyed ourselves waiting for 12:01 am. Some of you don't know that I never stay up that late. The only time I do is when Randall is working and I have a hard time falling asleep. I never do it on purpose. I did Friday though. I was exhausted. Sharie drove us up there. We ate dinner, went to the mall, and then we went to the party. When I got home, I thought for sure I'd be too tired to read, but I wasn't! I stayed up until 3 am. I picked up Ruthie from my sister Sue's house around 9:30 am, and I finished the book later last night around 8pm. It took me less than 24 hours. It was an amazing book! Well, all four were!

Here is a few photo of our night!
This is me & Sharie. Yes, we are true nerds wearing vampire t-shirts!!
Also- Ruthie, Randall, and I got a little bug over the weekend. Randall was sick yesterday, Ruthie was sick Friday, and my throat hurts pretty bad today. We all missed church b/c we didn't want to spread it. I just hope I feel better tomorrow b/c I have to go to work. Please say a prayer for us! Thanks!


Sharel said...

The pic turned out great...can't believe you finished the book already. Guess I need to get in gear and finish it so we can talk about it!

The Youngs said...

Hey Sadie! I just finished the book today. I am actually a little disappointed with it... What did you think?

Looks like your girls night out to get the book was fun! My husband ended up going to get it for me. He was the only guy at Walmart at midnight! :D