Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have a three day weekend......

but Randall has to work. I am off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. He works Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday. He's working some overtime. It just stinks that it's now.

Ruthie and I are trying to enjoy ourselves though. We went to the library this morning. I needed to print some stuff off for Sunday School. We got new lessons and and they are from a different company, so I got to download some new stuff. She needed some new books anyways. She loves to go to the library. She hasn't quite learning to be quiet though. Afterwards, we hit the pool for about an hour. The little sweat bees were out and ruined it for us. We both got stung. I am guessing it was a sweat bee. She wasn't fond of them. She wanted to visit with Grandmama and Pappy anyways. We had a good time.

Then, we come home to take a nap. I finished a book, that I did not like. I had a friend from work recommend it, and it wasn't my taste. I finished it though. I fell asleep only to get woke up from the phone ringing. Which always happens. I am not kidding. EVERY TIME I lay down for a nap, I wake up to the phone ringing. Why is that?

I need to do some major cleaning. Leaving Ruthie and Randall at home for three days while I worked didn't do well on our house. It's a disaster. I told myself to play with Ruthie this morning, and clean later. Tomorrow will be a lazy day b/c we have church, and I refuse to clean on Sundays. If I don't finish today, it'll just have to wait. I have mounds of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and much, much more. I just hope I don't wear myself out.

I have been much sicker with this baby than I was with Ruthie. With Ruthie I was only nauseated at night, and I only got sick a few times. This time, I am nauseated all day long, and I am getting sick at night. At work, I do ok as long as I keep something in my stomach. It's when I get home. I lay on the couch and I can't move. I just want to go to sleep. It's so worth it though. My mom just keeps telling me, "this just means you are good and pregnant." She never had morning sickness though. We did have a scare earlier. We rushed to the ER, only to find out that everything was ok. I just had some major cramping and I didn't know what else to do. The doctors made me feel much better. We even got to see our sweet baby! I never said when my due date was. If I calculate it on the internet with one of those due date calculators, it says April 12th. I will find out more when I go to the doctor. I am thinking it's right b/c I was keeping track of everything.

Church is going extremely well. I am enjoying teaching Sunday School. I even volunteered to teach Wednesday night classes as well. I will be teaching 5th and 6th grade. I am truly looking forward to this! I just hope I can get some more kids, b/c we don't have very many 5th and 6th graders at church. I need to find out how school/church works b/c I teach 6th graders. I wish I could recruit some.


Mari said...

Sorry you are sick this time. The more pregnancy hormones you have - the sicker you feel, so your Mom is right! Rest when you can - the work always waits!

Cheri said...

I love your due date- it's my anniversary!!!

Hope you get over the rough spots soon and can really enjoy this wonderful time.

Kristin said...

Hope that morning sickness subsides soon.

kirimarie said...

Sadie, you guys sound so busy these days! Hope that morning sickness subsides & you enjoy this pregnancy!!