Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things I can't live without!

Okay, on Bethanne's blog (again) , she listed some of the things she cannot live without (or products that she just love, love, loves), so I am totally copying her idea. I am going to list a few items that I really like and then I am asking YOU --- EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO IS READING THIS BLOG WHETHER YOU HAVE COMMENTED HERE BEFORE OR NOT to sound off and let me (and everyone else) know what your favorite things are. These can be anything from your favorite makeup/aftershave to your favorite kind of trash bag. These should be tried and true items that you prefer over everything else you have tried.

I guess b/c I have nothing else to blog about- here's another one.....

1) God
2) family
3) my flip flops. I hate wearing shoes, so flip-flops are the next best thing
4) internet....I hate to admit it.
5) Pepsi
6) scrapbooking
7) books
8) my camera. I love to take photos.
9) bottled water beside my bed
10) Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Takes off the carbon without sweating!
11) my cell phone. I feel lost if it's not with me, like something horrible is going to happen
12) Secret Platinum deodorant. Works better than anything else I have tried (that wasn't out of my budget)
13) Oral B toothbrush. It's so much softer than any other toothbrush.
14) my family size electric griddle. Cooking pancakes has never been easier!
15) My Cricut!


BethAnne said...

Hey I am glad you posted these things -- never worry about copying me because I usually have copied someone else!!!

Kristin said...

Hey Sadie.
I can't live without my hubby and my boys.
A good book.
Freeze pops.
The Internet.
My cell phone (completely addicted)
The kids nap time
The DVD player in my truck.
My BBQ grill
Chocolate ice cream