Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving thanks

Yes, another thankful post!

Yesterday at church, I walked in and our preacher asked me if Randall was with me. I told him he was at work. Well, a few minutes later, I was in the kitchen and he asked me if I would feel okay standing up and giving thanks during service. He asked 5 other women to do the same. He's been doing this for a few weeks now, but I was secretly hoping he would skip me b/c I am NOT a good public speaker. Especially on Sunday morning when our church is packed!

Of course I told him yes. I can't turn down an opportunity to give thanks to God.

I taught my Sunday school class. After the kids left, I closed the door and asked God to give me the right words and to not make a fool of myself. I wanted to honor Him in what I said.

When he called my name, I took Ruthie with me b/c she wasn't going to sit in the pew without me. I gave thanks for my salvation of course. But, I wanted to let the church know just how much they mean to me. As you may know, I work at a middle school. Seeing what kids have to go through these days scares the fire out of me. I am so thankful to have a church where I have love, knowledge, and help backing me up when it comes to raising our kids. Raising our kids in church is so important to me. Ruthie will have the knowledge and support. We are teaching her at home, but it's good for her (and Randy) to see other Christ-like people. Our pastor and his wife are amazing. We have met the best people at our church, and we now have the best friends we could ask for. I am also sooooo thankful for my husband. He is a man of God and he leads our family the way Christ tells him to in the Bible.

So, I know I already wrote a post about giving thanks, but giving thanks isn't just one day. It should be EVERY day. Think about what the good Lord gave you. Shouldn't you say thanks over and over and over again? I know that I could never say it enough to give Him the thanks He deserves.

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Stephanie said...

SO good Sadie! I have so loved hearing your sweet heart. It is so great ton hear another mother with a same heart for her children and the shared struggles with pointing them to the feet of their Heavenly Father. And I love your reminders on thankfulness. So, so good. Cannot wait to see you all in a few weeks!