Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Problem SOLVED!

This may sound a little silly, but I am so excited!!! Last night, we had our Women's Christmas party with the ladies of our church. Turns out, Randall was working nights, so I didn't have a sitter. My preacher so kindly volunteered (well, his wife volunteered him!) and I decided I would take him up on his offer. The thing is, Ruthie is not fond of him in person. She loves him and talks about him, but she has maybe talked to him a total of 10 the last THREE years! So, I asked Ruthie if she would do it for me. She told me no. She was afraid. Apparently, she thought he was going to keep her. LOL! Seriously! I just calmly explained to her that nobody would ever keep her from me. She's my baby girl and that he wouldn't keep her from me. He loves her like a granddaughter. She told me she would go and stay with him. Luckily, he was keeping another little girl too, so I knew that would help with Ruthie staying!
I honestly did not think she would go through with it, but I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for her to get to know him better and feel comfortable around him. She loves his grandsons, and they were both there. Her friend was going to be there too. I wasn't going to leave her screaming and crying. If she started that, I was just going to go home.
We waited on the little girl to get there, and Ruthie did AMAZING! She didn't even cry! I was so proud of her! I knew this was the perfect chance for her to get to know him better and it worked! She was super proud of herself too!
I had a great time at the party. I received a nice glass nativity scene! I LOVE it! I went straight home and put it on my piano!
By the way, Randy could care less who I leave him with. He's fine no matter where we are! There were helmets there for him to put on and he had a ball!

I am so excited that the problem of Ruthie not liking our preacher has been solved!!!!

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Mari said...

I'm so glad it all worked out!