Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Growth can only come with CHANGE

This just so happened to be our sermon topic on Sunday. Perfect for what was on my heart and mind. God is amazing right?! He knows how to open my eyes right when I need it.

Most of my time spent on the internet is reading blogs. I love reading others blogs. I have a few favorites on the "blogs I enjoy reading" section of my blog. A lot of bloggers have started goals for the new year. I am usually not one to do goals, since I stink at them, but I thought I needed to b/c I am truly wanting to change so much in my life.

So, after Sunday's sermon, plus the way I have been feeling, I decided to make a few personal, family, and house goals. Of course, I stuck to resonable goals. I could have added one million things to my house goals, but I kept it simple. I won't bore you with all of my goals, but I do want to put some in writing so I have to keep up with it. :)

Sadie's Personal Goals for 2011
* In depth-Bible study at LEAST 4x a week
* Project 52
* Send out a handmade card at least once a month
* Eat a bowl of icecream at least 3x a week- (this one won't be hard to accomplish!!!)
* Get back into college
* Start a prayer journal

Family Goals for 2011
* Do devotionals with Ruthie at LEAST 3x a week
* Family night at least 2x a month
* Child/Parent night one time a month
* Date night at least every 3 months
* Volunteer once a month (The shelter has taken a backseat and we hate that it has. It's something that is very close to our hearts, but with Randall working and now starting school, it's tough)

I think there might be a few more, so I might be editing this tomorrow, but for now, these are my goals. I tried to set realistic goals b/c I didn't want to get frustrated with myself. I want to be more thoughtful this year. I want to do for others b/c we are so blessed and we should do for others. I don't just mean with money, but with time and love. Life is so short. We need to think of others.

When it comes to our children, we don't do a perfect job. Of course Ruthie is pretty smart in the Word for her age, but we could do better. We will do better. She loves Jesus so much, but our love for Him can only grow. And again, growth takes CHANGE.

So, for those of you out there wanting to grow, you have to change. I do. I struggle with finding time to study, but I make time for the Wii. I am not a perfect Christian, but I want to be. I want to be better. I will do better. That's why I set these goals. I don't want our lives to always be on the go. I want our lives to be spent honoring and glorifying the Lord!

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Mari said...

Those are good goals. I think writing them down is a good idea. I need that myself to stay accountable!