Monday, January 17, 2011

One more for Jesus!

That's right! One more soul saved for Jesus. Who you might be wondering? My PRECIOUS niece! I am so excited. What an amazing opportunity to witness to her! My heart is so full of joy!

Our weekend with the youth was awesome. I truly feel as though the youth is where my heart lies. I love playing, teaching, and growing with them! We have an amazing youth group!

Friday night was the beginning of our youth retreat. Our topic was about being a disciple. It's awesome to me how God can touch me through a youth retreat. We ate dinner, had a lesson on dicipleship, and one thing we talked about was how important an altar is. Our youth leader had some rocks and asked the youth to build an altar. You can see in the photos below the altar and the youth at the altar.

Saturday, we started the morning off with a hike. God provided us with a gorgeous day and I am so thankful. We hiked along the river, learning some of the different names of God. She asked the students to share a moment when God was good to them. Whoever shared, received a block of wood with that name on it. Randall responded to get the kids up and going, and this is the one that he got. He told of how he strayed away, and how God was always there, and that it was RANDALL who strayed, not God.

When we got back, we were supposed to have Kurt Goodwin from EIM and Fastbreak Ministries share with us at the gym, but he was so sick he wasn't able to make it. He was in our prayers, and luckily he was able to share Sunday morning. What a great speaker. Since he was sick, we headed to the gym anyways, and played a few games of basketball!

When we got back, we watched an awesome video from Louio Giglio. What a fantastic speaker! If you work in the ministry- you need to watch this guy. Specifically the "How Great is Our God" video- AWESOME! It was about how God made little us, and how BIG the universe is and all He had to do was breath the stars out. It's a very life-altering video. After watching the video, the youth and quite a few members from the church headed to the cross. If you live around here, you know this cross from the interstate. Well, that's where we headed, to the cross in the night sky so we could see all of what God has created just for us. Perfect ending to the night with the youth. Randall finished us out with some amazing words.

The most amazing thing was, Saturday, I could see the my niece was feeling some confusion. I confronted her a few times trying to help clarify things. I wasn't sure if she was saved or not. Randall and I decided to explain things a little easier. She admitted that Jesus wasn't in her heart and she wanted Him to be, but she wanted to do it at home with her mom. I thought that was perfect! How sweet! So, we made it to her house and we sat down with her mom, step-dad, and her brother and she asked Him into her heart. Oh my, my heart is overflowing with joy! She is so precious to me and I can see the Lord growing in her more and more!


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Mari said...

What a great weekend, topped by the best part! Glad you were able to be a part of it. Bob and I used to be Junior High youth leaders and I know that those retreats can be powerful.
The Louis Giglio films are so good. We watched the set up them with our home group over the summer.

Angela said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Congrats to your neice.

Our Family said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend - for all of you!