Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Family Night!

Need something free for family night that provideds tons of fun!?  Try this!  The other night we promised Ruthie a fort in the living room with all of us sleeping in there for the night.  She did NOT forget! So, as soon as we were finished with dinner, we made our fort!  We went the easy, lazy, comfortable way out for our beds- we just drug our mattresses into the living room!  Randall strung some string across the living room and we draped sheets over them and pinned them to the string.  Easy right?!  We have the instant movie access through the WII and Netflix- great buy if you ask me.  Rocky road ice cream adds some sweetness to the night.  Add some tackling (and crying) and snuggling and you have the perfect night.  Hereare some photos to enjoy!  (Some are really noisy and it's b/c I had my ISO ALL the way up b/c I didn't think I had any batteries for my speedlight...I finally got frustrated, and looked for batteries and found some.  As you can tell, the photos turned out a bit better after that.)


Mari said...

Great idea! Those are the times memories are made of!

Lea Ann said...

Before JD left, he and the boys drug the mattresses out into the garage and put actual tents up all around them! The 3 of them slept out there that night. The boys are still talking about it. Fun memories!! =)

Our Family said...

Looks like an awesome way to spend the evening/night!