Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loving Life

It's been quite a while since I posted.  I was trying to post more often, but time has gotten away.....again.  Imagine that huh?  I can honestly say though that things are going great right now.  I know that's the perfect chance for the devil to attack, but I trust that the Lord is beside me protecting me.

We've been super busy again.  Where do I begin....
Thursday night kicked off our "Marching for the Master" where the month of March is filled with different preachers and our revival.  Thursday night was the men and boys Beast Feast.  Yes, this is a very southern thing.  Whatever they kill, they cook it and eat it.  Yum, not so much.  I am glad it's a men and boys thing and no ladies are invited! 
Friday night was the start of our revival!  We were privledged to have Bro. Travis Plumlee in our church delivering God's Word.  What a mighty fine job he did.  He talked about stress.  It was awesome!
Saturday DAY was the Hillbilly Youth Explosion.  Whew....that was a long and ENJOYABLE day.  It was about standing tall in the hall with Jesus!  I think it hit home with a lot of kids.
Saturday NIGHT was revival again.  It was amazing and exactly what I needed.  It was on anger.  Some of you may know me and I might not come across an angry person, but I fall short with this sin.  Not that anger is a sin, but how I react is a sin.  I am admitting to it and I am taking control of it.  God knows how to lay the right thing on my heart at the right time.
Sunday was another great day.  The lesson was over forgiveness.  I think this hit home with everyone. 

Bro. Travis taught me so much in the short amount of time he was here.  I honestly can't explain to anyone just how much it helped me.  I bought his book and I dove in and have learned so much.  I can say that even though I have only been reading it for 3 days, Ruthie and my relationship has improved more than words can describe. I am so thankful!  I have changed a lot of things and I truly believe I have become a better mother!

Some of our youth at the altar....such an amazing thing to see!

My niece Haley and Ruthie! 


Mari said...

What a wonderful week for everyone in your church!

Lea Ann said...

What an amazing weekend with Bro Travis. He literally changed my life and I let go of something I had been holding onto for a good while. I am so thankful. I bought 3 DVDs and a book. I need lots of help. LOL. It will always amaze me how sermons can just slap you right in the face because of the perfect timing. He did do so much in such a short amount of time!