Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It is wayyyyyy past my bedtime, but I am up, and I am so full of joy right now. 

We had a great time at church tonight.  I sit in with the youth and we are doing a study of the book Crazy Love- GREAT book by the way.  Anyways, after we were finished, we were asked to go into the sanctuary wtih everyone else. 

We all gathered at the altar and talked about how hard it is for kids these days.  Their lives are so much harder than it was for us.  They have so many more struggles.  It shocks me to hear/see what these kids go through.  After our pastor spoke, we prayed for all the children.  From babies to college students.  God was there.  He is touching every single precious head there.  He is so good.  Afterwards, we headed to eat and had a great fellowship time with our church family. 

We are so blessed to have the pastor and pastor's wife we have.  They are so easy going and amazing.  They even came by Ruthie's game last night just to say hi and watch for a bit.  That was so precious to me.  I love that my children are being raised in God's house and they are being prayed for by so many different church members.  We are beyond blessed.  I just can't think of another word.  West Park has changed our lives for the better!


Mari said...

A great church family is such a blessing!
My daughter got that book, and she and my husband have read it. Now it's on my list. They both said it was great!

Lea Ann said...

Last night was awesome. I love our church family beyond words. I love to go fellowship with them. Always lifts my spirits so much. I have been enjoying little Randy so much! He is so precious! Westpark and everyone that's apart of it has changed our lives so much, too!