Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was searching through Randy's birthday party photos, and I had planned on making a post about his birthday.  That was until I saw the photo of my dad, and I felt I need to make a post all about him.

My dad is always one who hides from the camera.  He always has his hand up in the photo and he is NEVER smiling.  Well, I finally got a camera that can beat him!  My shutter speed is just too fast for you Dad!!!
Here is my Daddy half-way smiling, watching my baby boy open his gifts.  My dad isn't one who is quick to show emotion, but you can see the love in his eyes, and you can feel it in his hugs. 
As a child, I would always want to grab my dad's hands rather than my moms.  My moms hands were soft and cold, while Dad's hands were rough and warm.  I am odd b/c I like rough hands.  I don't even like my own hands to be soft. 
Dad was and is a softee.  I loved that about him.  Of course, it may or may not have got me in trouble as a young girl (getting what I wanted) but I guess I turned out okay!  I can see it now with my kids as well.  Especially with Ruthie, even though he would not admit it. 

Randall and my dad may not look a lot alike, and they may have some differences, but I think they are a lot alike.  They are both kind hearted, loving, HARD working ( my dad has worked hard all his life, even when his body didn't want him to), and he loves the Lord.
No, my dad didn't always join us in church, but I can tell you that he does know the Lord and he is very educated in the Word. 

Dads are the most important role model in a daughter's life.  A lot of men think they are more important in a son's life, but I believe it's in a daughter's.  If the daughter doesn't feel loved and accepted by her own father, where will she turn?  To another guy who will give her the attention she does NOT need. 

I am so very lucky and blessed to have an amazing father.  I am also blessed to have a wonderful husband who is an amazing father to my children.  Life hands you amazing people in your life that can touch you in many ways.  Randall and my dad may not look alike, but they are two important people in my life.   

Think about the men in your life.  Is your husband playing the role he needs to in your child's life?  Do you need to thank your dad for the way he raised you? 


Robin said...

Sweet post Sadie! My dad always his from the camera and we dont have many photos of him now that he is passed :( make sure you get as many photos you can sneak esp with your kids.. They are so blessed to have your dad in their lives, cherish it!

Lea Ann said...

I LOVE this Sadie. Your dad has worked in my home several times. Jerry Dale and I think the world of him. You definitely have a good Daddy. This post would make him proud! =)

Mari said...

What a nice tribute to your Dad. You are blessed for sure!
I am blessed in having a wonderful Dad and husband too!

jess said...

Great post about your Dad and it is all True. Your dad is a great man and a wonderful uncle!

Carrie said...

You are so eloquent! You need to share your blog with our students. I think it would really be an inspiration to them. So proud to know you!! :)

Sharel said...

We are a very blessed bunch, huh? I love you! I have to say that Rosendo reminds me of Dad in many ways too...

CJ Wilkes said...

Awesome post and great picture :)