Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite Things {tagged}

I have been tagged by my friend Robin @ Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails.  I love doing these!  Thanks for tagging me Robin!
Here is how it works:

All I have to do is just answer the "About Me" questions

& then pass it on to a few other RAD bloggers!

So here goes it...

A list of favorites

Food:  Pancakes.  Might be an odd one, but I LOVE pancakes!
Color: Red
Animal: Dogs.  I love big loveable dogs!
Dessert: Ice Cream!  YUM!
Artist: This is a tough one.  I have to say a photographer so either Lisa Lucky or Summer Lyn.
Pair of shoes: My cowboy boots that my mom bought me for my wedding!
Outfit: Um, Can I say jammies?!  HAHA!  I would have to say jeans and a t-shirt
Skinny Jeans: maybe if I was skinny!
Brand: anything cute and affordable these days

Perfume: Right now, I use Pink and something from Victoria Secret.  Normally, I don't do perfumes, but I like the ones I got for Christmas.
Accessory: Earrings
City: Oh, SUPER easy- Meadville, MS!
Hobby: Playing with my camera, playing with my children, blogging, internet surfing, enjoying the weather outside, and church activities

Beauty Product: Mostly eye makeup
Holiday: Easter and its' fast approaching!
Snack: This is a hard one....I love fruit and veggies in ranch.
Movie: Letters To God- MUST SEE!
Song: Either "When God Ran" or "Where You Go, I'll Go" or "Lead Me"
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream!

I tag Lea Ann!


Robin said...

Yay, I'm glad you played!! Jammies was a pick for me too! I would love to be in jammies all day every day! I love veggies dipped in ranch too :) have a lovely weekend!

Angela said...

Eli loves that song "I Will Follow You" He sings it every time it comes on. And I 100% agree with Letters to God. However, it must be watched with a box of kleenix.