Monday, April 25, 2011


I recently did a post on fathers, and tonight I am being led to post one on mothers.  When I took this photo of my parents, I knew exactly how I was going to use it on here.  I was going to put my beautiful mother's photo up here, and brag on her!

Being a mother is one of the hardest job ever, but it is such a priveledge.  Think about it, God is trusting you to raise His children.  What an honor!  My mom is amazing.  She has always had a great ear for listening.  Trust me, I was NOT the easiest child to live with.  I was the baby....a bit spoiled.  But, I can say that my mom taught me about the most important thing in the world- salvation, and how to get salvation- through Jesus.  I remember her telling me that in order to go to heaven- I have to ask Jesus into my heart.  I did.  Thank goodness I had a woman of God as my mother.

My mom was and still is one hard working woman.  She works too hard in my honest opinion.  She is a very patient woman.  She did wait 11 years for the pool of her dreams!  She taught me how to love my children and she taught me to be picky when it came to the man of my dreams.  She married a wonderful man.  Of course, they had rough times, but she stuck through the hard times and they have a wonderful marriage.  I can only dream Randall and I will still love each other that much when we are that age.

Being a mother is such an honor.  I look at my precious babies every day and wonder how God could trust me to raise two precious children.  My prayer for them is that one day they come to know Christ.

Thank you mom for raising me right and teaching the ways to be a good mother.  I love you!


Mari said...

What a nice tribute to your Mom - she's amazing and she raised an amazing daughter!

kirimarie said...

Sadie, clearly your mom is beautiful, inside & out. You are a reflection of that, too! God bless you both <3

Lea Ann said...

Very sweet Sadie. I have a whole new respect for mothers now that I am one!