Monday, January 2, 2012

I am going to miss this.....

2011 was a great year.  It flew by and I learned a lot about myself.  It truly was a blessing.

This Christmas break, I have really enjoyed staying at home with the kids and just being a mom.  I so wish I could be a stay-at-home mom.  When I go back, I am going to miss the silly moments.  I am going to miss going to the grocery store at 9am, when it is basically empty.  I am going to miss my kids laughing through the grocery store b/c they know that today is a special day and Mommy isn't as stressed as usual.  I am going to miss making breakfast.  I am going to miss eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my babies.  I am going to miss sleeping in and staying in our jammies all day.  I am going to miss nap-time.  I am going to miss a clean house.  I am going to miss being a full-time mom.  This is a HUGE struggle for me.  I can't even begin to put it into words, but I know all you working moms understand.

Being a working mom, I am going to miss silly moments like this when eating oranges can crack you up!

And when I peek in on my sweet daughter watching Shirley Temple.  It makes my heart swell!

Or when I peek in on my sleeping baby boy.  He's so sweet when he's asleep!

One other thing I miss- my Grandma.  Laying down in the recliner today, I look down at the quilt she made me and it made me sad.  I miss her more than words can say.  But, I rest in the fact that I KNOW she is walking with Jesus and she is healthy.  She was one lovely woman. (blacked out our b-days.  We were born on the same day!)

Although I am going to miss these moments, I also need to see the positive side of things.  God has surely blessed me.  I have a wonderful job, that I honestly love.  I have great co-workers and a great boss.  I am thankful for this.  Would I give it all up to be a stay-at-home-mom, sure, who wouldn't?  But, I am very blessed by Jesus Christ!


Mari said...

You have such beautiful kids! I love that you and your grandma shared a birthday.
Yes - you are blessed and your kids know how much you love them, even when you work!

Sue Carlton said...

Love your post sis...those pics of Randy & Ruthie are absolutely priceless!

Our Family said...

I know exactly how you feel. (((HUGS)))

Love the photos!