Saturday, March 31, 2012

He made it home!

Praise the Lord, Randall is back home.  He arrived home last Saturday.  We were waiting VERY impatiently for him.  The kids were so excited to see him.  When they saw him, they took off running and JUMPED into his arms.  It was a precious sight.  Randall used to be terrified of flying.  Since he had to fly five different planes to just get there, he learned how to handle it. Randy knew that Daddy was scared, so the entire time Randall was gone, Randy asked to pray for Daddy.  This was his prayer, "God isis (?) Daddy scared airplane. AMEN!"  He was worried about his Daddy and wanted to make sure he was blessed through prayer.  Blessed he was!  He came back with a huge smile, and so much joy in  his heart.  He told me that if we would have been with him, we wouldn't have came back.  Apparently, it was a little slice of heaven over there.  I sure wish I could have joined him, but we both decided that one of us will stay home, just in case something happens.  We will take turns going on missions.

While he was gone, the kids and I were on spring break.  And dang it, it rained 95% of the time.  It wasn't the most desirable vacation, but we enjoyed it.  Saturday, I went canoeing with some amazing young ladies.  It was an experience to say the least!  I am dying to go again.  My sister Sharie and I took the kids to the museum and they loved that.  Ruthie also got to stay the night with my sister and her son, and she had a blast.  She talked my ear off the whole way after I picked her up.

Now that work and school has resumed, it's been hectic around here.  I've been busy with work, kids, school, photography, and well, life.  I am excited for the warmer days b/c it allows me to do more photography.  I photographed an engagement last night, and I have about four more sessions to book!

Warmer days=time outside to burn off energy!

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Mari said...

It's good to hear that Randall is ome again. Glad all went well while he was gone and I love how Randy prayed for him. He is getting so big!