Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer has begun!

Have I mentioned that I love summer time?  Well,  I DO!  I am off during the summers, thank goodness.  I love the fact that God allows me time with my precious kiddos!  The past few summers I have let summer pass me by.  I don't know what happened, but we didn't do much together.  This summer, I am fixing that!  I plan on being busy, but not too busy.  Perfectly busy.  I want to enjoy our time together!  So far that has meant ball games and the pool.  We are not going to let life pass us by!

Just sharing a few photos of our summer so far!  Let's just say my kids have been FILTHY and FULL OF JOY!

Enjoying the evening by coloring on the trampoline!

Randall and I on our 9th anniversary!

Um, nice get-up Randy!

Waiting to head to the pool!

Pouting b/c she was scared to jump of the diving board even though she did it a million times last year!

Playing ball with a tball bat, football helmet, and a small soccer ball!

LOVE this one!

Haley playing ball!

Pappy attempting to convince him to get in the pool!

He was NOT gonna get all the way in!

Al doing his crazy flips!

Enjoying an empty field before Hay Hay's game!

Simon doing his crazy flips too!

Enjoying a little dirt and sour candy at Hay Hay's game!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this post!!! :D --HayHay (:

Mari said...

Love these pictures! They all scream happy summertime. :)
Our kids used to lay out on the tramp, read on the tramp, have picnics on it - and of course jump on it!
Happy Anniversary - Very nice pic of you and Randall!

Our Family said...

looks like summer is off to a fantastic start! may it be the oasis in your year.