Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week One {My Journey}

Week One Update:

As you may have read here, I have started the Body By Vi weight loss shakes.  Let me begin by saying I was scared to death I was going to hate them and not find one I like.  BUT, I found plenty that I LOVE, and I mean LOVE.  I am downing them.  An added plus: it's hot outside and I get to have a refreshing shake two times a day!  My personal fave is the Oreo Cheesecake.  Ruthie has to try them and she has been saying, "Oreo Cheesecake AGAIN!?"  I just love it.  Makes it even better when you can have that for breakfast!  The other one I have to say is RIGHT beside it in flavor was the Strawberry Cheesecake.  Funny thing is- I am not even a huge fan of cheesecake!  On this one I added four fresh strawberries, 1/2 a packet of strawberry flavoring that came with the shake mix, and 1.5 tsp of low fat cream cheese- YUMMO!  Oh my, it was soooo delicious.  I have been snacking healthy and I have been trying my best to cut my meal portions down during my one actual meal a day.  I am down to one Pepsi a day as well.  If you know me- Pepsi is my downfall.  I LOVE me some Pepsi, but I think one is pretty good.  :)  Maybe I will get down to zero, who knows!  I walked only two times this week.  I feel pretty guilty about that and one day I only had one shake b/c we were out allllll day long, and I wasn't aware that I would be.  So, with me still drinking one Pepsi, missing one day of shakes, and only working out two days I STILL lost........ FOUR POUNDS!  Whoop Whoop!  I was so scared to step on the scale this morning b/c I knew if I didn't see any results I would be bummed out.  I realize that one week is just a beginning, so I was super excited to see four pounds gone!  Let's just say it gave me an extra boost this morning!  I am so excited to continue this journey.


Mari said...

Woohoo! I'm proud of you - it's a great start!

Stephanie said...