Friday, August 31, 2012

The transition...

We made it through two weeks of school.  Whew.  Wasn't sure we would, but we did.  I knew it would be tough, but to be honest, I think everyone is dealing with the transition pretty well.
Ruthie started 1st grade this year.  She moved from the Kindergarten Center to the Primary School which holds grades 1-3.  This was a big change for her.  She also went from riding the bus in the afternoon to riding it in the morning.  At first, I was a bit worried about it.  I would much rather take her to and from school, but it's just not smart to be honest.  We live about 10 miles from her school.  I work about 3 miles from my house.  So, I would be driving her to school (10 miles) and then back to work (7 miles) and then back to pick her up (another 10 miles) and then back home (the last 10 miles).  It just honestly didn't make sense. So, we decided to let her on in the morning so I am not rushed b/c I am one person who does NOT like to get up in the morning.  She doesn't seem to mind it too much.  I like her bus driver and I think he handles things well.  I think 1st grade will challenge her more.  I think Ruthie is super smart (and not just b/c she is my kid) but b/c she catches on well.  I am excited to watch her learn and grow.  She is reading to us every night and she is surprising us every time b/c she stretches her words out more and more.
Randy is going back to daycare.  I am super excited for him too b/c even though he resisted going, he is transitioning wayyyyy better than I imagined!  He isn't crying when I leave him and I love how they teach there.  He is going to learn so much.  I won't lie, I didn't do a lot of educational things with the kids this summer.  I gave their mind (and mine!) a break!
Being back at work, I am exhausted.  I love my job though.  I am truly blessed to have this job and work with the people I work with.  God has put me here for a reason and I think Him for that.  I miss my babies, but coming home to them makes me treasure them even more.
The transition has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I didn't cry too much!  There were a few shed tears, but what mom/school faculty is ready for summer to be over?! Now that schools here, it's football game time!  We enjoy going to the games.  It also means earlier bedtimes and less tv, so I happen to think that's a good thing.

Gonna leave you with a few fun photos from my sweet niece's birthday party!  It was a blast!


Mari said...

Glad that first two weeks are done! Cute pictures of Ruthie!

Our Family said...

glad the transition is going so well! and that last pic of Ruthie really makes me smile! TFS!