Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our face is an index to our souls

Isn't that the truth? That is what our preacher said tonight. I haven't ever thought about it that way. Why would someone believe I was a happy Christian if I was walking around constantly frowning, which I have done quite often lately. Being a child of God and knowing him as my Savior means I will live eternally through Him. We have a beautiful family, a roof over our heads, & food on the table. What else does a person need? I should be walking around smiling from ear to ear. I am happy and have so much to live for!

Church news:
I am still going and enjoying our new church. I have started going when Randall isn't able to go. This is a good sign. Ruthie is doing much better in the nursery. Today the lady said she only cried until I closed the door! That was awesome news to hear. I have prayed and prayed about it. I keep asking Him to calm Ruthie & I while she is in the nursery. I need her to be calm, so I can be calm and listen to the sermon. He has answered my prayers. Of course, I have thanked him so much b/c He knows and I know that I need to listen and learn more about Him so I can get closer to Him.

Ruthie news:
She is learning more and more everyday. When I need to get some things done around the house, I turn Diego on and she is even answering his questions. She has grown up too fast. Last night, Randall was working so I pulled out her baby book. I teared up looking at my little chunky, bald little girl who is now potty trained, smart as a whip, feisty as a kitten, little toddler. She makes me smile. She puts joy in my heart!

Randall & I news:
We have been discussing what we both want out of our new church, and where we want to be spiritually. I thought I might scare him off today by talking about what happened in morning service. He said he enjoys seeing me getting excited for the Lord! We are still struggling with some emotions. I need affection from him, and we argue about that often. Guess that is another thing to add to my prayer list.

Speaking of prayer lists, I would like to start one here. I might add that some where here.

In 3 more days, Randall and I are headed to a GARTH BROOKS concert! WOO HOO! I am so excited. Randall doesn't seem to be as excited as I am, but it's b/c he has no idea what he is in store for! And he thought Toby Keith was awesome! This will be Ruthie's first overnight with her Aunt Steph. I am sure she will be fine. I have to remember that worry hardens a person's face.

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