Sunday, December 30, 2007

Glorious Christmas!

What a wonderful time we had on Christmas! I can't tell you how much fun we had with family, and watching Ruthie tear into presents! She got all kinds of good stuff. She loved singing Happy Birthday to Jesus as well! She kept saying, "gin" (again) Mommy! We sang it over and over!

Let's see, Christmas day, Ruthie and I just laid around in our jammas all day. We played and played. Later that evening, we went to Grandmama and Pappy's house to celebrate with my brothers, sisters, and some cousins. Randall met us there a little later, since he had to work. Ruthie had fun playing with all her cousins. She mainly played on the stairs.

The day after Christmas was Randall's first day off, so that's when we celebrated our little family's Christmas. Ruthie got up and we told her, "Look at what Santa brought you!" I guess she thought Santa was at our house or something b/c she backed up to the door and wasn't going anywhere near those presents! I ended up picking her up and taking her in there. She got into it! She kept saying "peas" (please) Mommy" on every present wanting me to open them! We played all day long, and she also helped me bake some pumpkin bread! She took a good long nap just in time to get up and get ready for Nana, Pawpaw, and the Aunt Steph, Uncle Ski, and their family to come over. We had a BALL with them. Aunt Steph and her family stayed for a while and we all just visited and enjoyed each other's company!

Saturday we celebrated with Randall's dad's side. We were missing a few people, but we had a good time visiting. We just ate some KFC and visited for quite a while. Ruthie had a so much fun playing with Pops and Grandad. She didn't take a nap that day, so she was WORN out by the time we hit the road to go home.


I know I was pretty upset about Randall having to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day. In the end, God did it for a reason. If he hadn't worked both those days, he would have taken his vacation and had to work one day, be off for one, go back for one day, be off for one, and work another day, and then be off. Since they made him work, he now has had off Dec 26th-Jan 3rd! What's nice is I have off all those days as well. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He knew this was for the best, but of course, I had to doubt it all. Now I am thanking Him for allowing us to spend some much quality time together! Ruthie is enjoying every moment too!

I am going to add a few pics from the past few days-

Opening her first present!

Being lazy with Daddy after opening gifts. She LOVED her boots and wouldn't take them off!
Ruthie and I at my parent's house-

Helping me with pumpkin bread! We had so much fun!

Opening her bicycle from Nana & Pawpaw-

Family pic at our house on Dec 26th-

Here she is playing with Pops-

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and I hope everyone has a happy new year!

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