Friday, December 21, 2007

Laying it on my heart

Church is just amazing! I can't explain to anyone what it has done to me. I am so happy we found this church! I know some people who don't enjoy going to church, and feeling like they have done wrong. I on the other hand, do. I want to know what I am doing wrong, and fix it for Him. I love learning and studying for Him.

Wednesday night's sermon, was awesome! It was all about our spiritual gift of mercy. Brother Troy's defined mercy as- not softness, nor sentiment. Mercy is a multitude of greatness. God IS mercy and he expresses it through the Son of God.

He said something that hit me hard. He said, "next time you get mad at someone, think about what you did to God." Wow. I realized the truth when he said that. I have been upset with a few people lately, and after he said that, I just bowed my head and prayed. I dis-obey him all the time, yet he forgives me every time I ask for it. What a loving God we have!


Ruthie is learning so much lately. It warms my heart so much to teach her about Jesus. She's still small, and doesn't comprehend everything, but she's getting there! The other day, I had all my daycare kids sitting around at circle time. I asked them if they knew who's birthday it was on Christmas. Nobody knew. I told them that Jesus was born on Christmas, and THAT is why we celebrate, not for presents, but for Him. I told them that when they wake up on Christmas day, they need to say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! THANK YOU!" It's amazing how fast they caught on! Every time I mention birthdays now, Ruthie will say, "Happy Birthday Jesus!" Picture me grinning from ear to ear! Randall too! She is so smart and amazes me everyday. She's so goofy though. She LOVES her pajamas, aka "jammas." She wants to wear them ALL day long. She threw a fit the other day b/c I made her get dressed.

I am off for almost 2 weeks. All but one of my daycare kids are kids of teachers. I know I will enjoy my time off. I was a little upset b/c Randall has to work Christmas Eve, and Christmas day, both 7am-7pm. Randall made a good point though. We will spend all day Christmas just celebrating Him in our own ways. Make the whole day about Him. No presents, just read, study, and pray. What a great way to spend Christmas!

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