Monday, December 17, 2007

Sharing a few pics!

Can you say NERD?!?! She's a mess!

Making faces and being down right silly!

Sitting on top of our vacuum cleaner! Daddy taught her to do this! Imagine that!

She loves to make me smile!


Stephanie said...

I am SO glad you commented so I can see YOUR blog! Ruthie is a DOLL! I loved getting to read about you all and what God is doing in and through you. I too cannot wait to get the girls together to play. Maybe over Christmas?
Jeannie told me Ruthie is also potty trained....Girl, we MUST sit down and have a talk about how this happened. I need wisdom! Hehe!
Hope we get together soon....
Also, I adored your post about Grandad. I feel the exact same way about him. They were precious words. Abby Kate calls him "daddad" which cracks us up. Cannot wait to love on him a bit over Christmas!

Emily said...

Those pictures just make me happy. :) I cannot imagine how many smiles you have daily in your house. And who taught her to do the funny face? That is hilarious!