Monday, January 21, 2008

A new week......

a new beginning. This is exactly what I needed. Last week took a toll on me. I know life isn't as hard as it can be, but it was rough, and I needed a little break.

Over the weekend, we all went up to visit Dad & Darlene. Grandad joined us. We had a good time. We arrived Friday night. Ruthie had a ball playing with them all. Saturday was Darlene's birthday, we went to the Bass Pro Shop (Dad's idea) and shopped for a while. Afterwards, Grandad treated us all to lunch at Darlene's favorite restaurant. When we got back to Dad's we had to leave right away b/c we had to get back to AR for my nephew's birthday. We rushed around, but had fun doing so.

After my nephew's birthday, my brother and my two sisters, and I sat around and talked about old times. We laughed so much. I truly wish we could do that more often. Not sure why we don't. Plus, the kids loved playing together. It was fun watching them as well.

Sunday we went to church and afterwards we ate lunch with my brother Joe. That was nice and we all enjoyed it.


I have been wanting to let others know about a class I went to at our church! It was an amazing class. Words can't describe how much it has helped us already, and we have only been to one class! Here is the link to the site. I am sure I will have more to blog about after tonight! I will have to go alone tonight, but Randall will be able to join me on the next 3 nights!

This week should be a bit easier, hopefully anyways. I just need to study and pray.

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