Wednesday, January 23, 2008


That's what tonights sermon was about. The Lord was working hard on me. It's funny b/c I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately, and how little I do pray. When I do pray, it's not always b/c I want to just flat out thank Him for the glorious things He has given me, but to ask for something. Isn't that sad? I know that we are supposed to ask, but shouldn't I praise Him for everything?! I really feel like this is the church for us. I am truly happy there. Ruthie is doing so well and she is even getting to know some of the kids there!

Ok, back to tonights sermon. Brother Troy wanted to examine how and when Jesus prayed.


Luke 11
Mark 1:35
Luke 5:16

Luke 11 is referring to the Lord's Prayer. I hope I don't touch step on anyone with this, but it opened my eyes. The Lord's Prayer isn't meant to be a prayer, but a model prayer. In fact, that is what my bible titled this verse.

This is what the model prayer should be like:

  • Pray for God our Father b/c His name is great and holy.
  • Things on Earth need to be done to honor Him.
  • The meaning of the words "give us our daily bread", isn't referring to our nourishment food wise, but by filling us whole with Jesus. He is the bread of life.
  • Forgive others b/c he forgave us. Isn't that the truth!
  • Pray for power to overcome our temptations.

Jesus started His day with prayer.

  • Public prayer is NOT a substitute for private prayer. When you pray, you need to be alone, just you and Him. One on one with God.
This is one I am so ready to work on. I know I need to sacrifice sleep and get up early and rise with Him. Start my day with prayer!

  • When praying, take up where you left off, instead of catching up and explaining where you have been.

  • The more demanding life is, the more we should pray.
The more I say, "I need a break," the more I need to pray. If I just take a break, the problem will still be there. I need to hand it over to Him and let Him take control.

  • Jesus prayed in the morning, in the middle of ministries, when He made huge decisions, and when there was a need. Shouldn't we?

  • So many people wait until the last minute to pray. We have been blessed beyond measure. We should thank Him for our blessings, trials, health, and salvation.
I have truly enjoyed listening to this sermon. It hit me hard and good. I know that usually come to Him when I think about it, or when I need something. I am going to work good and hard one spending a LOT of time one on one with Him. Boy how I am looking forward to this. I can't wait! I know I will feel like a new person, inside and out.

Doing what I do, staying at home with kids, is very stressful, and I always say, I need a break. What I need to do, is get down on my knees, pray to God and ask for guidance. I need to open the Bible and read and study. I need to realize that I can help these children in the way He wants me to. I can introduce Him to them. I know a few know about Jesus. I have been able to teach one boy how to pray, and why we pray. I am teaching him who Jesus is and what He is all about. It makes me smile every time he wants to say the prayer!

I hope I have helped someone else along the lines of prayer. I know this sermon touched me.

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I'm Tara. said...

Sorry I've been such a bloggy slacker, Sadie.

Funny - the last sermon we heard at church was titled "Knees" and was all about prayer. It's had me thinking, too. One thing I know that I've been trying to do is instead of worrying about things - trying to instantly turn those worries into prayers. It's seriously helping my mindset, little by little. I'm trying to teach that to the kids, too. Like when Mitchell woke up crying with a nightmare early this morning, we prayed together for him to not be scared and have happy dreams when he went back to sleep.