Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It has done wonders for me already. Brother Troy talked about giving the Lord 1-on-1 time through out the day. I sometimes feel like a baby in Christ b/c I don't know the Bible very well, and I don't study, read, and pray as much as I should. Not making excuses, just recognizing my weak points! I have been working on growing in Christ so that I get to know Him better, and His Word better.

I give Him 1-on-1 time in the morning, nap-time, and bed-time. They aren't scheduled times, just time when I am alone. I have Randall take Ruthie for a little bit before bed-time and I just sit in my room and pray, read, and pray more. I ask Him to open my mind and heart so that I can continue to grow with Him. I know He is walking beside me. I feel His love more and more each day. This is one thing I never did, and I know now, I will never stop. I look forward to alone time with Him. Brother Troy talked about how we pray. He said most people pray in times of need. (I know I already posted about this, but it is still on my heart.) I am trying to change that. I am changing that. I hate that I don't praise, worship, and repent as much as I should. I am changing that. I am going to end here to go do my 1-on-1 time. God bless!

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Emily said...

Sadie, you will be so blessed in this time. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!