Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bath time story-

So bath time is supposed to be fun for all children right?! Aren't they supposed to ask for baths, and smile when you tell them it's time!? Well, the past few weeks have been a struggle to get Miss Ruthie to take a bath. I dread bath time now. She went from loving it, to HATING it. She wouldn't sit on her bottom. She would just squat. The water was the perfect temp. I have no idea what happened. I got in the tub with her, Randall got in the tub with her, I put the baby seat in there, and I put a towel down, but nothing worked. She was screaming like something horrible was happening. After I washed her hair and her body, I told her it was time to play. She played, but while squatting. I was stressed out. Finally, thanks to this :
I was able to get her to sit down. I told her George (she LOVES Curious George) was sitting down and he needed a bath too. She finally sat down and gave George a bath! She played for about an hour b/c I wanted her to be okay in the bathtub next time! She enjoyed it after George!

She still screamed the next time we gave her a bath, but it is getting easier. Thank goodness. Last time it took a baby doll to get her to sit down. Crazy times I tell you!


Stephanie said...

Abby Kate went through the EXACT same thing! I was so puzzled too at what had happened. But she grew back out of it and is loving the bath again too. Great job finding things that would distract her. She is SUCH a cutie!

Mari said...

I remember my kids going through this too. No fun, but it does pass! She sure looks cute with George!

Cheri said...

Halle hated baths for awhile too. It did pass, but it was horrible going through it. She sure looks cute with that big smile.