Monday, April 7, 2008

Women of Faith Conference-

We had an amazing time at the conference! It felt so good to go and listen to a group of ladies, and one male speaker, speak only of the amazing work of our Lord! I went praying for an open heart, to hear a speech that would help me in the few struggles I am going through.

Friday night, we heard a few speakers, but the one who stuck out was Max Lucado. He spoke of his new book 3:16, which of course is based on John 3:16. He went on to recite the scripture and he said the one word that stood out to him was the word, "whoever." He asked us to raise our hand if we weren't a "whoever." That word does not discriminate gender, race, nor anything else. It's amazing to see how the Lord accepts us all, and shows it in many, many scriptures. He also used the words "however," "whenever," and "wherever." It doesn't matter, He loves you no matter what. He used the story of the prodigal son, and it has hit me pretty hard. I have heard two sermons about the story in the last few weeks. My brother is going through a rough time right now, and I plan on talking to him and using this story to lend him a helping hand. I feel the Lord has put me in these places to hear these sermons, so I can help him. Please be praying for him.

We also heard Nicole C. Mullen, which I have never heard of before. She was awesome! I couldn't understand a lot of what she was singing b/c it was too loud, but it was still beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes. You know it's beautiful if you can't understand the words, but still cry! I am enjoying her cds now!

These were the other speakers we heard-
Patsy Clairmont- Talk about the cutest little woman with so much spunk! She was hilarious! I really want to read her new book- I Second That Emotion
Marilyn Meberg- She was really fun. She had a lot of good things to talk about!
Sandi Patty- Talk about making me cry. She inspires me. I am so ready to read her new book- Layers
Luci Swindol- She was really funny too! She told us how we just need to ask the Lord to help us with our weakness, and He will be there.
Sheila Walsh- Loved her accent! She was real, truly funny, and super easy to relate to. I also want to read her new book- Get Off Your Knees and Pray
Allison Allen- At first I thought she was just funny, but she spoke and just brought me to tears. Her speech was the one that caught me off guard b/c it was something I didn't even know I needed to work on. God works in mysterious ways!

I was lucky enough to share a room with the ladies I felt most comfortable with and we stayed up way too late and had too much fun. Wait, there is no such thing right?! We laughed and got to know each other better.

The second day, we heard even more wonderful speakers. I had an amazing time and enjoyed every minute of it. The crowd was rough, but we made it! Coming from such a small town, I am not used to so many people.

Sunday, Randall and I finally made it to Sunday School. Shame on us for never going, but we both truly enjoyed it! I know it can only make us stronger! During the service, one of the ladies came up to me and told me Brother Troy wanted her to call on me and ask me to say something about the conference. I am not sure if he particularly wanted ME to say something, but I felt like I needed to! Most of you don't know me too well, but I get extremely nervous when I have to speak in front of people. I just say a few things and sit down, but I can't remember what I say. I turn bright red. So, I just kept telling myself not to worry, b/c she won't call on me. She didn't, but she did say, "any of you younger ladies in the back want to say something?" There were three of us, but I knew she meant me. I get up and just say "I wanted to get to know the ladies better, and enjoy myself worshiping our wonderful Lord. We had an amazing time and I heard some speeches that pertained to me." Well, that's what Randall said I said! LOL! I felt weak and shaky. I am not a great speaker, that's for sure! Then while Brother Troy was talking during the invitation, he said, "the Lord will bless you when you are baptized. Then he called on Randall and said, "Isn't that right Bro. Randall!" You have to remember this is a church of 150+ people, and when he calls your name out, it makes you feel special. I feel like he knows there is something more that we can do. I love feeling that way. What a great church family we have!

Randall had to work that Friday night that I left. Ruthie went to stay with Aunt Sue, Haley, and Alex, and she had a BALL! There was no doubt that she wouldn't! She adores them and vice versa! She didn't even cry for us! Kind of makes me sad though. Randall picked her up as soon as he got off work, and the went to visit Pops, Aunt Steph, and they went fishing! Randall said she loved fishing, but didn't quite get the hang of it. She would push the button to make the line drop, then pick up the line and throw it into the water! She's a mess I tell you!

We converted her crib to a toddler bed, only b/c she tried to climb out of her crib! She would have went over head first, but her foot was stuck, thank goodness! She wasn't adapting very well at first. I truly thought she would b/c all we did was convert her crib to a toddler bed. It wasn't a whole new bed. Boy was I wrong. She screamed and cried the first few times at nap-time and bed-time. It was rough, but she is doing wonderful now. After the first night, I thought, we will never make this. She never fails to amaze me though! She didn't even cry last night or today! Here are a few new photos, including her new bed!

First night. Looks like she was excited huh? Ummm....not so much!

She asked me if we could go to the railroad tracks and take a walk, so we did!


BethAnne said...

Sounds like an awesome time in the Lord. Those pictures are precious (as usual)!

Mari said...

Those are the cutest pictures of Ruthie! I'm so glad you got to go to that conference. I've heard Luci Swindoll before and she really is funny. I also think Nicole C Mullen is great.

Cheri said...

Wow- what a conference. I had a devotional book written by a few of those ladies. It was really good.
I get really nervous speaking in front of others too. I'm impressed that you did it- I probably would have chickened out!

amy and kids said...

I have always wanted to attend a Women of Faith Conference but haven't been able to as of yet. Glad to hear you had such a great time! The pictures of Ruthie are adorable!

Colleen & Bill said...

BEAUTIFUL pics! Love them! Look at Ruthie in her big girl bed! I need advice about that one (moving into beds)! ;)