Monday, April 21, 2008

I am loving this weather!

Friday it was a little colder than we all wanted. Since we were having a BBQ on Saturday, we were both hoping it would warm up! It did and it was an amazing day! Everyone came over, and we all enjoyed ourselves. I don't think I have had that much fun in a while. Nobody left too early, everyone stuck around for quite some time. My house was a disaster, but oh well! I *thought* I had enough paper plates for everyone to eat their meal, and cake and ice cream. Boy was I wrong! We had to pull all my plates out, so I had a lot of dishes to do. I don't have a dishwasher, so I wasn't looking forward to that, but it was worth it. We all had a great time! Ruthie played so hard with all her cousins. It was perfect weather and GREAT food! Randall grilled ribs & hot dogs, while we also had baked beans, cake and ice cream! YUMMY! We both wish we could do it more often. We all live nearby, as in 30 minutes of each other, but everyone has jobs and ball games. It's so hard to get together like that. My mom and dad rode their new 4-wheeler over. Ruthie wanted to leave with them, so she threw a fit when they left. "I wanna ride 4-wheeler (which sounds like river)!" She's a mess. My mom and dad got a kick out of that b/c she crosses her arms and pokes out her lips. Kind of like this:

My brother Joe and his daughters Lexie & Josie, stayed longer than anyone. Alisha (his wife) had to go back to work, so he stayed and let Ruthie and Lexie play together. They had a ball! They played dress up and ate chips and ketchup. (Not very healthy I know. They didn't have much.) Josie slept the whole time. It was a very nice evening.

Sunday Ruthie and I went to church. Randall had to work and has to for the next 3 Sundays. That's about the only thing he hates about his job is his hours. He works for 3 days- 7am-7pm, off for 3 days, then works for 3 nights- 7pm-7am, then off for 3 days, and back to 3 days, and you get the point!

Brother Troy talked preached on Habakkuk chapter 1. He started out with Habakkuk's first complaint and said he would finish up the sermon during the night service. It was a really nice sermon. He talked about how Habakkuk questioned God, but never fell from his faith. There is a difference. Habakkuk didn't understand why God was allowing the Babylonians to take over the land of Judah. He said the Babylonians were horrible people and his people knew who God was. God told him that it is worse for a believer to sin then it is for a non-believer. God gave his people plenty of chances. Even though Habakkuk doubted God, he never strayed from his faith. He was always walking in the light.

After church, it was too nice to stay inside, so Ruthie and I walked around and I took tons of pics, so here are a few.

This is a little creek that runs behind our house. I am not sure what these ruins are. There used to be railroad tracks running behind it. Ruthie LOVES to go and throw rocks in the water.
Walking down our dirt road-
Yes, we need to paint!
More on the dirt road-


Cheri said...

That is such a great picture of her on the dirt road!
Your grilling menu has me drooling-it sounds so good.
I feel for your husband with that schedule- it's got to be hard to get any sleep when your schedule is always changing.

BethAnne said...

What a little sweetheart! I bet she is full of energy!
Sounds like you all had a great time at your cookout (even though you had to wash dishes ;-). I would have probably sent hubs out for more paper plates! hahhahaha There is nothing better than getting together with family and what great memories your little Ruthie will have of her family.

Mari said...

I love those pictures of Ruthie - she looks so cute in those jeans and shirt! Sounds like a great family gathering and so does your church service. Good message!

Debra Lane Designs said...

I just found your blog thru a search.
I enjoyed reading your post...isn't it fun to get together with family friends, especially on warm days. :-)

Btw..great blog.

Ashley said...

I LOVE the pics of Ruthie on the dirt road! You need to blow those up! Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend. We cannot get enough of this warm weather either! YEA! Summer is FINALLY here!

Stephanie said...

Sorry! My sister in law had used my computer and I didn't realize I was signed in as her!