Monday, May 12, 2008

What a weekend-

Whew. We had a crazy weekend.

I'll start with Friday. I had my niece Josie (my 8 mo old niece) for a while. She was super cranky on Thursday and Thursday night. Friday she wouldn't stop crying. She was really upset and nothing I did made it better. I called Alisha (her mom) and told her. She came and picked her up and took her to the pediatrician. Turns out, she has pneumonia and they admit her to the hospital to give her an IV of fluids and antibiotics. My brother leaves work and heads up there.

Friday night, my 2 sisters, my mother, my SIL, and me were headed to a Mother's & Friend's Banquet at my church. My BIL was scheduled to keep Ruthie. My SIL, BIL, and niece were all sick, so I had no babysitter. My dad was keeping my nephew (Simon), but he wasn't feeling good enough to keep Ruthie and Simon. So, I asked Randall to see if he can go into work late. He gets a guy to work for him late. So, we all headed for the banquet. We didn't get to stay and eat b/c Randall had to get back to work, but we had a really good time.

Saturday, we had a graduation party to go to. My brother needed me to keep Alexis, while they were in the hospital. I kept her for a little bit, but he came and picked her up b/c he found out his dog was hit by a car while they were at the hospital. Things just weren't looking up.

Sunday, Randall and I head to church, and truly enjoyed ourselves. It was a wonderful sermon, and my mom joined us as well. It was my mom's first Mother's Day without her mom, so it was tough on her. She told me that Grandma "told" her she needed to go to church with me, so that touched me dearly. I miss her so much, and I can only imagine how hard it was on my mom. We had all planned to head to the lake and cook out for Mother's Day, but that changed since Josie was in the hospital. Randall and I visited his mom and his sister to give them their gifts and cards. Then we went to the hospital and saw Josie. She was looking much better. Afterwards, we headed to my mom & dad's. I missed my other sister's while I was at the hospital, but I felt I was needed there more. They hadn't had any visitors the whole time they were there. We FINALLY got home about 7 pm. Poor Randall had been awake since 3 pm on Saturday. He was up for so long and so worn out. He still did up the dishes for me and we ate dinner and headed to bed.

As you can see, it was a crazy weekend, but we had a good time visiting with family. I just received a phone call from my brother saying they just released them, so they are headed home. Praise the Lord. I just hope that Josie can continue to stay healthy. She's had pneumonia 2xs already and she's only 8 months. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

A few posts back, I mentioned I was making "chipboard" albums for Mother's Day. Well, they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I did enjoy making them. I made 7 different ones.

I took cereal boxes and cut out the squares with my Cricut. Then I just made these little albums. I don't have ink in my printer right now, so I just wrote them by hand. I don't like my handwriting, but they are okay. I hope everyone who received one enjoyed them! Here's a few photos.


Mari said...

Wow - you really did have a weekend. I'm sure it was a blessing to your Mom to be in church with you. I remember how difficult my first Mothers Day church service was without my Mom. Your albums are really cute! I don't like my handwriting either, but it really does make it more of a keepsake!

I'm Tara. said...

Sorry it was such a crazy, stressful weekend, Sadie. I'm glad Josie is doing better and what a great thing to have your mom go with you to church! I bet that just gave your heart a little hug!

LOVE the album!!! You did an awesome job, girlfriend.

Cheri said...

I'm so glad Josie is doing better- that's scary to have had pneumonia twice already by that age.
What a good hubby you have to be that tired and still do the dishes for you!!
I think your books are adorable- They really turned out cute!!

Katiegirl said...

Sadie - what a crazy weekend - your sweet husband still doing the dishes for you - that's great! Glad to hear that your niece is doing better. What a special idea making something for Mother's Day - they turned out beautiful.