Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Planning a vacation b/c

I am in NEED of a break. I have gone so long without a break. Randall has off Friday, May 30th- Friday June 6th. May 31st is our 5 year anniversary. We plan on heading back to where we took our honeymoon. It's still in the state of Arkansas, but perfect for us. I can't wait. They only have the cabin we stayed in open June 1, 2, & 3rd. I am hoping we are able to get it. I SOOOO need a break. I just hope things work out for the best.

We are also planning a trip to Branson. Randall's employer sends us to Silver Dollar City every year. This year the day he goes is on July 5th, which I am not happy about, but we are going to make the best of it. His sister, BIL, and 2 nieces are going to go with us. I am sure we will have fun. Let's just hope we don't run out of money with all these vacations!

So I had planned on sharing a video of Ruthie. I will give it a try in a little bit. It's not loading for me.


Cheri said...

I have always wanted to go to Branson- it looks so fun.
I hope you have a great vacation and feel well rested when you get back- take lots of pictures for us!!

Mari said...

I'm so happy for you - I hope you are able to just rest, relax and enjoy each other!

Teresa said...

Oh I hope you get to do something! Brian and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary in August and well, it doesn't seem like we are doing anything. I hate being broke!

Stephanie said...

I second that one sister! I am SO glad you are going to get away. FUN FUN! I am so glad everyone is feeling better. Hope you are having a great week!