Monday, May 19, 2008

Another crazy weekend-

Yeppers, another one.

We really need to learn to slow down. Friday, we actually stayed around the house. Saturday, we got up and early and went to see my mom and dad for a little bit. We went home and got ready to head to town and see the air show. I wasn't sure how Ruthie would like it. It was way too loud, so of course neither of us really liked it. Ruthie HATED it, so we weren't there for too long. We ate dinner and headed for the rodeo. Ruthie LOVED that. She adores seeing the cows and horses. Most of you probably don't know, but Randall used to ride in rodeos. He did bareback bronc riding. I will let you know the story of why he doesn't anymore-

We were at a local rodeo and he was on one of the best bucking horses of the year. The horse threw him off and he landed on the ground, then the horse stomped on his head, right on his ear. He was out for less than a minute, but for a few hours, he couldn't remember how the ride went and kept asking the same questions over and over. He had a dizzy spells for about 1 year until they found out what was wrong. He still has them, but not near as bad. Needless to say, now that he has a family, riding in the rodeo isn't a priority. He still says if he was single he would, but not with a family. What happened to him, rarely happens, but it still happened.

So, going to rodeos are hard on him b/c he has something in him that makes him want to ride and he loved doing it. He's only been to 3 rodeos since the accident and it's been almost 4 years. We still had an amazing time. It's hard on me to watch now, b/c I remember his accident like it was yesterday. The worst day of my life.

Sunday, we went to church. I feel really blessed and honored to be asked to be a Sunday school teacher for 8-10 year olds. I sat in with the teacher to get a feel of what she does to keep things the same for a while. I am a bit nervous b/c I feel like I am not knowledgeable enough, but I am excited! Next Sunday will be my first on my own. We had a wonderful service. You know it's wonderful when he has you in tears of joy. I have so much joy in our church and I can feel Him there every time. I have never been so happy in one place.

Afterwards, we had a family reunion on Randall's mom's side. I have never been to a family reunion, so I had no idea what to expect. Personally, I wasn't thrilled about going, but it turned out to be so much fun! We visited with family we hadn't seen in a while, played volleyball, frisbee, ate yummy food, and chased the little ones around. We laughed so much. Playing like that made me feel old b/c man was I worn out! I had so much fun!

Our vacation is PLANNED! YIPPEE! I am thrilled b/c I need a break so bad. We booked a nice hotel room in Hot Springs, and we are going to walk the strip that night. The next morning, we are getting massages. After that, we are heading down to where we took our honeymoon and staying in the same cabin that night. We are going to relax, relax, and relax some more. Words can't describe how excited I am!


Mari said...

I can't imagine how scary that rodeo moment had to e for you. I'm glad Randall isn't doing that anymore. Your vacation sounds like a great getaway - a good time to rest, relax and enjoy each other.

Cheri said...

I am so excited for you for your vacation. Massages will be wonderful!!
That had to be terrifying when Randall got stepped on! My husband got a bad concussion once too and he kept saying the same thing over and over and he though Dukakis was President- if it wouldn't have been scary it would have been funny!