Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We are back!

We are home from our vacation. We actually got back Monday afternoon, but we've still been pretty busy. We had an amazing time!

Saturday we left out pretty early and dropped Ruthie off at Randall's sister's house. We headed to Hot Springs. We got there earlier than expected, and it still wasn't time to check in to our hotel yet. We drove around and checked out the sights, and grabbed some lunch. Luckily, the hotel let us check in early! We stayed at the Springs Hotel & Spa. We checked in and rested up a bit. Then we got ready to shop on the strip. We had fun looking at everything. We went back to our hotel and laid around some more. It was about dinner time, so we got ready and found a place to eat. It was really noisy, so it wasn't the greatest, but the food was really good! We walked the strip some more, and then headed for bed.

Sunday morning, we got up and went to our day at the spa. We had thermal baths, sauna, and a massage. The massage was about the only thing that I liked. The thermal bath was ok, but the sauna was too small. It was all nice though. After our massage- we grabbed some lunch and headed to our cabin. There was a storm on the way, so when we arrived at our cabin, (River View Cabins and Canoes in this cabin ) we had no electricity, but it was actually kind of nice! It was so quiet and peaceful! It was restored about an hour later. We had an amazing time in the hot tub, cooking dinner, walking in the river, and being lazy. We really truly needed a get-away, and we truly enjoyed it! We both missed Ruthie so much, that we headed home early Monday morning. She was so happy to see us! We had an amazing 5th anniversary!

Here are a few photos!



The interview for the daycare job went well. It could have been mine, but we both decided it's not right. The drive is too far, with gas being so high, and the pay wasn't enough. I am glad it didn't work out b/c I didn't know anyone there.

But, there is another job opening, that I am a bit excited about. I would be a teacher's aide at the school I attended. I put my application in, and I talked to my old counselor about it. He said he'd talk to my old principal too. The pay isn't great, but it's only 5 minutes from home, and Ruthie's daycare would be 1 block away. Plus, I wouldn't have to work summers! I could be at home! We checked into the daycare, and the lady who would be taking care of Ruthie is the same lady that took care of my when I was Ruthie's age. She's super sweet and is willing to work with us part-time. Randall works 3 on, 3 off, so we only need part-time. The most is 3 days a week, the least is 2. Of course, I would much rather stay home and not keep kids, but we need an extra income, so I have to do something. I still don't know if the at-home daycare is the best for her. I am going to try to keep some this summer, but not near as many as I did. I put an ad in the paper, so I hope it all works out.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh looks like you guys had fun

Mari said...

It looks like a wonderful get away! I love the cabin - it looks so peaceful. The new job possibility sounds good - I like the idea of summers off!

Cheri said...

I'm excited for you for the new job possibility- it sounds great!
Your trip looks wonderful- beautiful pictures. I bet Ruthie was so glad to see you again!

Katie said...

Yay - glad you had a good time & got to relax a bit. The pics are great! The school position sounds promising - will you hear anything about it soon?

Stephanie said...

I am so glad you all got to get away! It is always so great when that can happen. Happy anniversary! I will be praying for your job situation. I know it is hard.