Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whew...what a weekend!

It's been a super busy & crazy week. Where to begin.....

First off, I want to ask all of you to please keep my cousins in your thoughts and prayers. My cousin Eli found out he lost his dad on Father's Day. He could have been dead for about two weeks. He is devastated. My other cousin Jess, found him. Jess isn't his biological son, but they were pretty close. My aunt isn't married to him anymore, but he was still like family to all of us. He was always there at Thanksgiving. It was very unexpected. It's been really hard on Eli, so please keep them both in your prayers. There will be a memorial Monday night. It's just going to be a family BBQ in remembrance of him. It'll be a hard day.

Vacation Bible School was a success! We had so much fun! I was very proud of how well Ruthie and Simon behaved! They didn't want to go in their class, so they stayed with me. I also brought Haley and Alex to help me out. They all had so much fun! It was so cute to watch Ruthie say, "I went to Vacation Bible School!" Simon was even singing and doing the moves to the songs! ADORABLE!

Sue, Sharie, and I all went to Mom and Dad's and swam again today with the kids. I hope I don't get an ear infection like I did last year. My ears are starting to hurt, so I need to invest in some good quality ear plugs. Ruthie is FINALLY getting off the steps without her floatee. She has this floatee. She likes it a lot, but I want her to start learning how to swim, so we are searching for this one. Simon has that one, and it helps keep her head above water and helps her get used to the water too. She loved it today and felt like such a big girl. She kept saying, "Grandmama, look at me!" "Pappy, Aunt Sue, look at me!" It was so cute to see her so proud of herself. I was so proud of her too! I wish Randall could have seen her face. It was priceless. I caught some on camera, so I will share those later!

This week I will be searching for a job. We desperately need a second income. I might have to just find something quick until I know more about the school position. I talked to the principal about when they were hiring. He said he is waiting for the go-ahead, and when he gets it, he'll give me a call. I am hoping I will get it. It would be really, really nice.

I am also trying to sell my handmade cards locally. I really enjoy making cards, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try to make some money off them! I need to find a couple more stores to see if they will sell them.

I hope everyone has an amazing week. I am looking forward to church tomorrow. We have some family members joining us so that always puts a smile on my face!


Mari said...

What a week you had, with all those ups and downs. I'm really sorry about your uncle. Faith and family are so important at those times. It's great that Ruthie enjoyed Bible School. Next year it will be completely different for her.

Cheri said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. How sad. We'll keep the whole family in our prayers.

I used a similar swimming vest for my girls. It worked great and you just kept taking out the inserts until they were swimming on their own.

Teresa said...

Prayers still going up for your family.

I know what you mean about wishing Ruthie would learn how to swim. I know that I want that for Dylan. Unfortunately, we don't really have access to a pool, so I'll probably sign him up for the YMCA next year.

Can't wait to see more pics of that sweet little sugar of yours!

Darlene said...

Hi Sadie, I've been reading your blogs. It's great to be able to keep up with everything you guys are doing. We miss all of you so much. Wish we could spend more time together. Plus We love the pictures!
I'am so sorry to hear about your Uncle. Death is such a horrible thing to deal with. I lost my mom on the 17th. I'am still in a state of being numb. I know she's in Gods mansion now and she's not suffering anymore, and for that I am thankful. I will miss her dearly, everyday. Keep your faith strong and God will help heal your family, as he is mime. Love you all! Kiss Ruthie for us. Love Darlene and Dad.