Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where do I even begin?

I will start with pics! I haven't shared anything in a LONG time, so here it goes! Be prepared!

Belly pic- Ruthie couldn't help but get in the pic!
Ruthie riding the horse at Thanksgiving-

On to updates!

Things are going really good here. Randall is working hard. His plant has left off quite a few people, mostly temporary employees, and thankfully he is full-time. His department can't let anyone off b/c it's only a one man job per shift, so there is nothing they can do. Even though they cut out all the overtime, he still gets it. He's such a wonderful husband & father to work as hard as he does. He amazes me at how sweet and kind he is.

Ruthie is learning so much. She loves to play her little computer and she is doing so well with her numbers and letters. I haven't worked with her on her letters much, but she knows the letters that are in her name. She only goes to daycare 1/2 time, so I am very happy to hear she is learning a lot even though she's hardly there. She's really excited about this baby still. She's been super cuddly lately, and I have heard she may do this. I am enjoying every moment of it! She still hasn't made up her mind if it's a boy or girl yet. It changes by the hour. Today it's a baby sister though. She's excited about Christmas too. I think this year will be so much fun b/c she's learning about Santa. She tells me she's going to sit on his lap, but I doubt it.

The baby and I are doing great. My job is still going good. I am bored a lot, but it's easy and fun, so that's worth it for me. We are finding out the gender on Tuesday! We are so excited and ready. I still think it's a girl, but I would say 90% of people think it's a boy. Guess we will find out Tuesday....if he/she cooperates.

Thanksgiving was nice, but it was really hard. We were missing 4 people, 3 who we lost this year. We did have 2 extra people that we haven't had in a long time, so I tried really hard to look at the positive side. It was rough, but we made it through. We all enjoyed ourselves. At Randall's Thanksgiving, we laughed a lot. Skeeter (my BIL) always puts a smile on my face. As for my SIL, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is having a really hard time carrying babies. They think she lost another. This is about her 4th or 5th miscarriage in about 2 years. It's heartbreaking. I don't know how much more she can handle.

Well, that's about it for now. I will do my best to update the gender, but I can't make any promises. I have a lot on my plate right now. I make a yearly scrapbook that I give to Randall on New Year's Eve. Last year, I had about 60+ pages. This year, I am slacking big time. I think I have completed 15 or so. I need to get on the ball, and that's where a lot of my time will be spent!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!


Kristin said...

I am so glad you posted and update. Rutie is a doll. Can't wait to find out the gender!

Cheri said...

It's so good to hear from you and I'm so glad you posted a belly picture!
Glad everything is going well- we are so blessed!
Take Care!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I love the baby belly! And that family photo is great.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Ruthie is so adorable. Love the family photo, too! I can't wait to hear what you're having!