Monday, September 20, 2010

Not sure if anyone reads this or not.....

but, I forgot that I had this blog. I started a share page on shutterfly, but I forgot about this! I just thought it would be fun to get back into blogging! I missed it! We still don't have the net at home, but we plan on getting it soon. We won't have a choice- I need to start going to school again!

I am still working for our local middle school as an aide. I am seriously in love with my job. Of course, I would rather be a stay-at-home-mom, but that isn't a choice, so thankfully, I have a job that I adore. The kids here are awesome, and it's an amazing opportunity!

Randall's job is back to normal. The layoff didn't last long, thankfully. Things are going good there. He doesn't mind his job, yet is he longing for something more.

Ruthie is growing like a weed! She's so fun! She is full of energy and loves to sing! She is totally a GIRLY-GIRL, which I am still having a hard time with b/c I was nothing like that. I am learning to play barbies for the first time in my life!

Randy is such a little man. He loves to go, go, go! He is always on the move. He was walking at 9 months, just talking has been a bit slow. He is a bit on the lazy side when it comes to pronouncing words! He loves to play chase and LOVES dogs! We have a new black lab that Randy just adores!

Everything is going well here. I have enjoyed getting caught up on everyone else's blog lately. I missed blogging, so I hope I can carve out time here at work to post sometimes. I did update pics on part of the blog.


Cheri said...

This is so funny because I just checked your blog on Saturday to see if anything had been posted.
Glad everything is going well- I can't believe how big Randy is already!

I'm Sadie said...

Thanks so much Cheri! I have missed blogging! I need to send this back out to family so we can keep in touch!

Mari said...

Hi Sadie! It's great to hear from you again. I can't believe how big you kids are. They are so cute!

Adria said...

I'm glad you're going to start this up again. It's fun following along.