Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trying to keep this thing going...

This will be super hard for me to remember to do!

This weekend was pretty busy. Friday, I took off work. My best friend had a tubal pregnancy, so I took a personal day to be there to support her. She's an amazing friend, and I have no idea what her and her husband are experiencing, but if any of you out there do, please let me know if there is something special someone did for you that I could do for her. Any prayers will be appreciated as well. She's an amazing woman, and I pray that she can find peace through all this.

Saturday, we started the day out with vomit. Yes, you read that correctly. Ruthie, Randy, and I were at the table eating breakfast, and Randy didn't realize it was supposed to stay IN, and not come OUT! It wasn't the best of mornings. He was tugging at his ear, so I thought he had an ear infection. He wasn't running a fever, so I thought it was just a fluke. We headed to my SIL's church to do family pics. Nana wanted pics of her and all her grandkids. I dressed the kids up, hoping to get some of Randy & Ruthie together as well, but they wouldn't do that. They wanted an adult in the pic as well. Good thing I brought my own camera! We stopped by my parents house and I caught a couple keepers in my opinion! I'll shared those at the beginning of this post!

Sunday, we started the same way as Saturday- vomit. So, I decided I had better take him to the ER. Turns out, it's just a bug. He was pretty cranky and tired. The doc told me he needed to be on a clear liquid diet for 2 days. That meant, I got a 4 DAY WEEKEND! Just what I wanted huh? A day off with a sick kiddo. He was miserable. The vomit went away, but the diarrhea kicked in. Poor guy. He did get an appetite, which was hard b/c I knew he was supposed to be on a clear liquid diet, but it's hard when this is all you hear-

Randy: " MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!"
Me: "What baby?"
Randy: "dkadojgong jogdsuaojdl g ogdjsoafjdlsa jgoduaofdi."
Me: Ignore him for a few minutes b/c I have NO CLUE what he's saying!
Randy: "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!"
Me: "What baby?"
Randy: "djladjjogdj jgsdfoajodfj jogjdosajo."

So, I get up and realize he is begging for food. Yep, I fed the poor kid. He kept it all down. I only gave him about 1/4 of what he would usually eat, and he was fine with that.

Randall is at home with the kids today. He's supposed to go back to work Friday night, so luckily, they don't have to go to the sitters this week. Some things are going on with Randall's job, so PLEASE be praying. I know that whatever happens, it's for the best, but it's so hard to be positive.

As for everything else- it's going great! Looking forward to fall weather that's for sure!


Mari said...

I love the pictures! You have such cute kids. Hope Ruthie doesn't get that bug, and I'll pray about Randall's job.

Cheri said...

The pictures are great- I love his smile in the one picture- so cute!
Job insecurities are so stressful- I'll be praying too.