Wednesday, September 29, 2010

God MUST have a sense of humor b/c I KNOW He's laughing at me!

Yes, He's laughing at me. So is everyone else! Please don't think I am complaining b/c that is so not what I am doing. I am just trying to figure things out.

Anyone who reads this and knows me well, knows that I am so NOT a girly-girl. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy smelling good, dressing up (occasionally), fixing my hair, and a few other things women enjoy doing. Growing up, I was a straight-up tomboy. Seriously, if I were my parents, I would have been worried. I thought that I was supposed to be a boy. I had my big brother Joe, (whom I still think would have loved me more if I had been a boy! ), and my favorite cousin Eli. I had two older sisters, but they are 10+ years older than me, so I was just a pain in their side. So, I learned to play baseball, basketball, football, shoot my bb gun, ride my bike in a cool gang (haha!), build forts, and climb trees. NEVER did I play with barbies. Okay, ONCE I did, but Sharie (my sister) gave me a box of barbies, and I thought okay, I might give this a try. Well, I was 10, dressed one and realized that was sooooo not something I was into. I gave up on girly things. I would pull my ponytail up into my hat to make people think I was a boy. I never wanted new clothes, I just wanted Eli's clothes.

So, you might be wondering why I think God has a sense of humor.....
It's b/c my sweet little Ruthie has taken up CHEERLEADING! Seriously, out of all things, THIS is what makes her smile. Geez. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing my sweet baby girl smile the WHOLE time she is cheering. It's just odd to me how I hated girly things, and yet I have the girliest girl out of all my brothers and sisters.
After her first cheer practice, she asked me, "Mommy, can I do cheer FOREVER!?" That's how I knew I was doing the right thing. I know I am not into cheering, but she is, so I will be. It's so cute seeing her little face light up. She's in LOVE. She received her uniform last night and was so excited to put it on. Even the socks made her smile!

I was talking to my mom earlier this week and told her that it was odd to me that I was standing on the cheerleading side watching everyone else take their sons/daughters to football and soccer practice. My mom replied, "Don't you think I felt funny sitting in the bleachers being the only mom to a daughter on the ball field?!" See, my dad took me out of softball and put me into baseball with all boys. Apparently, mom wasn't fond of it, but I was. I played 3 years in a league full of all boys. I loved every.single.minute of it. Those are still some of my favorite memories. They even made me a special trophy as a girl with a ponytail!

So, I guess this long post has turned into me letting everyone know that the tom-boy Sadie, has the girliest-girl around, and I am enjoying watching her cheer. She's a doll! I know that the memories she creates cheering will be like my memories playing ball. It's amazing how life changes and you find yourself on the other side wondering how you got there, but smiling along the way.


Mari said...

God does have a sense of humor! I loved this post!

Adria said...

SWEET! I was like you, total Tom boy and I remain that way today (think judo and soccer). I'm sure you are going to enjoy watching her blossom regardless of how girlie it may be.