Friday, October 1, 2010


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We have officially started games. Which means, two nights a week of fun filled cheering! Ruthie is in heaven! She loves it! It amazes me how much she does love it! She's so happy! If she's happy, we are happy! We enjoyed watching her last night! She's good too! She listens really well to the coach and pays close attention and tries her hardest! She's a doll! (Apparently I like to use the (!) too much.)

Randall was off so he was able to join us. Randy loved it too b/c they use the outfield of the softball field for the football field. (I couldn't think of another word to replace field with sorry!) So, right behind us was a bunch of DIRT! Randy had a ball! He was covered from head to foot. I am sure some of it was digested as well!

Tonight, we are headed to the local youth shelter to visit with the youth there. Youth is where our heart is and we truly enjoy going to the shelter. It's amazing how "full" we feel when we leave. I just hope and pray we touch their lives as much as they touch ours. The kids enjoy going as well. There is one special boy there that has truly touched Randall's heart and tonight we are presenting him with a Bible. He's such an awesome young man who has went through too much. Please keep him in your prayers!


Cheri said...

I find that I use the (!) too much too. However I'm going to use it again here because this next statement definitely needs it at the end.
She is adorable!!!

Mari said...

I also use the (!) too much. Sometimes I notice most of my sentences end that way.
The pictures are so cute. Both kids are adorable!!!