Tuesday, October 5, 2010

40 days.....

My forty days are up, and everything inside of me is screaming! PLEASE do not think this is bragging or anything like that. I believe God is putting this on my heart for many reasons. I feel like I need to post about it!

Forty days ago, our youth group started a 40 day fast along with an AWESOME book study. If you are part of a youth group, or you enjoy books that make you dive deeper into Christ, this is the book for you. The book is titled A Call To Die by David Nasser. Seriously, this is an amazing book. We are not finished with the book study b/c we are only doing 5 a week. But, I can honestly say, that just doing 25 has made a huge difference in my life.

Fasting....what did I fast? Want to know what I wanted to fast? (The reason I bolded I is b/c I mean I and not what God wanted me to fast.) Pepsi. Yes, I thought giving up Pepsi would be a good way to get closer to God. I know that some people can do that. But, God was telling me something different, but I wasn't listening. I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to give up something that truly rules over my life. See, fasting isn't just about giving something up. If that was the case, it would be much easier right? Fasting is about giving something up and replacing it with the Word of God. God spoke to me the night we were deciding what to give up. I gave in because I knew that what He wanted was way more important than what I wanted. He told me to give up television. Seriously, ALL television for 40 days. I didn't even tell Randall until we got in the truck to go home! I felt bad in a way b/c if I was giving it up, he had to as well. He was all for it. We both knew that our study habits were not as good as they could be and tv was in the way.

So, some of you might be hoping that I caved and watched tv. Nope, I can honestly say I didn't. It was amazing to dive deep into His Word and watch myself grow. It was perfect, just what I needed. This taught me how much time was wasted in front of my tv. I also learned that my children were being pushed aside b/c of the tv. This fast forced me to not only pick up His Word, but to play with my children. Laugh, smile, giggle, run, play, and just look into their precious eyes and know that they are a gift from God. Words can not describe the stress that was off of my by not watching tv. I wasn't rushed, I didn't worry about if I was missing a show. I actually deleted about 4-5 shows off my dvr record list. Yes, I am still recording some, but this fast made me very aware of how much tv I did watch.

Yesterday (the last day of the fast), I picked up a magazine that was talking about being unplugged from the tv. This family started out with 5 days of no tv. They found time to spend with their children and just enjoy life as it is. I thought it was weird that I would find this magazine article on the last day of my fast. God didn't want me to go home and turn on the tv. He wanted me to remember how amazing it was to be with Him and my family.

So, I head home and I talk to Randall about making a family night once a week, on a night that he is off. I think we will start out with a devotional, kid-style, and then do something we want to do. I am starting a list of fun things, and when I mentioned them to Ruthie, her idea was to color eggs. So, you will soon be seeing a post of Ruthie and Randy coloring eggs in the middle of October! LOL! If you have any great ideas of what else we could do, please let me know in the comment box. I have some, but I would like to have more so Ruthie & Randall can help decide!

My challege to you is to unplug yourself for however long you feel, and just dive into His Word!


Mari said...

I'm impressed that you did this and what you learned from it.
How about just playing games on family night? Or - if it's a nice night, have a picnic supper at a park.

Stephanie said...

Such an amazing post! Such a great reminder of how much stuff tarnishes the treasures God has out in our lives to truly enjoy. Satan is so good at getting us to settle for rags and think we are enjoying them when God has riches just waiting. Thanks for the challenge! Soooo glad you are back online....

Kristan said...

Well, I vote for a cookie baking night.
Obvious, I know.
Also, a make your own sundae night. We did that a few nights ago and the kids had a blast.
Funny how all my ideas involve sweet foot.
Love you and good luck!!

I'm Sadie said...

Love these ideas ladies! Thanks!

Kristan- LOVE the sundae idea! ICE CREAM!!! YUM!!