Friday, October 8, 2010

Ready for the weekend!!!

Who's with me?! I am so excited that it is finally Friday. Being a working mom, I tresure my Fridays b/c that means that I get Saturday & Sunday with my babies. BUT, not this weekend....I am headed to a Women's Retreat with our church. I will miss my babies, but time to dive into God's Word and treasure my church family is worth it. Randall and my parents will be taking care of them while I am gone. I know they'll be in good hands. Randall has to work Saturday day, but they are excited to be with Grandmama and Pappy!

Guess must be skunk season at our house. YUCK! I can still smell it on me. Kind of embarrasing though. I had to change my shirt when I got here. Apparently it sprayed near my truck b/c that's all I can smell when I am in my truck. SO, I packed for my retreat, and after I got to work, I put everything in the back of my truck to air out! HAHA! I hope it gets aired out b/c it smells HORRIBLE! I hate it! Hopefully Randall will catch that sucker tonight!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have enjoyed some of the posts I have been reading the past couple of days. There are some amazing Christian women on these blogs and I truly enjoy reading about their day to day life! HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!


Mari said...

I'm having mixed feelings about this weekend. I'm looking forward to the wedding of a friends daughter. She is a sweetheart and our daughter is a bridesmaid in the wedding. I'm also looking forward to Sunday. I have the weekend off and will be able to be in church, plus our pastor is doing a series on end times which is very interesting!
But - Andy is leaving after the wedding on Saturday and although I am getting more accustomed to this, and although he will now be closer than Colorado, I hate to see him leave!

I'm Sadie said...

Mari- I hate to hear that. I hope that he will be able to come home longer. I know it's hard having family living far away. Try to enjoy your time together as much as you can. Love series on the end times. It isn't so scary when you know where you are going right?!