Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First family night!!!


Family night was a blast! I didn't realize the imagination of my dear husband, nor did I imagine the imagination of my daughter! They were hilarious!

If you remember, I said our first family night would consist of coloring eggs. While cooking dinner, I boiled the eggs. After I was finished, Randall informed me that we didn't have any vinegar. Ugh oh. Ruthie was upset that we weren't able to color eggs, but luckily, I had printed off this list of 101 things to do on family night- VERY useful! While eating dinner, we read the list off and chose to play charades. Playing charades was something we always did as kids. It was so much fun! I was wondering why I never played it with Ruthie!

We did our devotional first. Our lesson was over wants vs. needs. This was a good one for Ruthie because she said she didn't WANT to go to bed, and she didn't WANT to brush her teeth right after we were through. This brought the devotional to her attention pretty fast. She's so smart though b/c she thought about the children of Honduras on her own, and how they don't have the toys we have. I also asked her what was the ONE thing we needed, and she said "JESUS!" Makes my heart melt b/c she truly, truly, loves Him!

I am posting pics of all of us being goofy. Some will be easy to guess, some will not. Ignore my messy house, ugly color walls, and everything else wrong with my house. See, I would love for mine to look like this, but there is no way.....
1. pecking at little brother

2. flopping around on the floor.

3. hopping around 4. bucking around

5. notice the pager!

6. squirming around

Looking at these in pics, I realize how hard it would be to figure them out. But, I hope you had a couple of laughs looking at the photos!
1. Randall was a chicken! Ruthie thought this was was the funniest!
2. Randall was bacon! Goofy! I hadn't laughed that hard in forever!
3. Ruthie was a frog! This was her first time to do it, and she laughed more than she hopped!
4. Randall was a bucking horse! This was too funny! I didn't realize he could kick his legs up that high!
5. I was a firefighter. I put the pager on, ran and retrieved a bag, and a coat, and ran out the door!
6. Ruthie was a catapiller. She is obsessed with them recently!
So, all in all, family night was a HIT! Nobody wanted to quit playing and go to bed! Randy wasn't sure what to make of all if it.


Mari said...

I'm so glad you had fun. I think the pictures show what a great Dad Randall is. Not all Dads would be that willing to do that kind of thing.

Kristan said...

Randall looks like he is having the most fun of all!! :)

Charades was such a great idea, I do that a lot with my kids in Sunday School and they have a blast.

Hugs and kisses from Jess and I!!