Friday, October 15, 2010


Ladies and gentleman, (or whoever reads this), it is FINALLY Friday! I am so excited. Although, this weekend will be jam packed. I enjoy it though....until Monday morning! It's been a long week here.

Mon- family night
Tues- cheer
Wed- church
Thurs- cheer
Fri- photo shoot
Sat- watch Simon's game, Grandad's b-day, and photo shoot
Sun- church, nap, church, and photo shoot
Sounds busy huh?

Right after work today, I am leaving to pick up the kids and head over to my Ole' Aunt's house b/c I am doing my cousin's senior photos! Some of you know that I am really into photography. It has consumed me! They kindly asked me to do her photos, and I was so excited! My first senior! I think seniors will be my sweet spot....I hope so anyways. They don't run away like little ones, and they aren't as stiff as adults! HAHA! I *think* I am going to start a photography blog for my business. See, I am doing it on the side, for very cheap- just enough to cover gas and the cd, basically. I love doing it and hope that one day it will be more than a hobby. I made the blog, but I haven't added much to it....just a title!

I never updated about Randall's job, but everything is A-OK!
Just wanted to share this sweet, sweet photo of my babies. They mean everything to me. We went outside the other day and I snapped this photo. I know there is a lot wrong with it, but I adore it. Look at their smiles. You have to know that they are a gift from God. Sometimes I wonder why in the world He would bless me with these two, but I know it's because He loves me. See, when you are down and feeling sad, just look at your precious babies. You have them because of our amazing God! He does love you. Why else would you have little ones to hold?

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Mari said...

This picture is adorable! I think you should frame it!