Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finding the perfect tree!

We head to my aunt & uncle's tree farm to pick out our tree this year. Turns out, Ruthie's best friend is there picking out her tree as well! So, they played on the see-saw while we waiting for my uncle.

Ruthie: "I don't want to pick out a tree! I want to stay here and play!"

We set out to find the perfect one.
Randy: " Ahodjao hogjdfsoahg!"
Translation: "I found it mom!"

While Randall and I set out looking for it, Randy and Ruthie are off playing around. I try to get them to come with us, and as you can tell, Ruthie was THRILLED!

So, we found our perfect tree, although we don't have our family picture taken by it yet. While we were there, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for some photos of my kids together. Key word there- **thought** Ruthie wanted nothing to do with my camera that day. She just wanted to play. She wasn't happy with me.

While we were out there, Randy apparently thought sitting on the onion plants were fun. Why in the world he wanted to sit on them, I will never know! Look at how silly he looks out there with all the trees. He matches!

We had a great time searching for the perfect tree. The tree farm had a lot of trees to choose from! We usually go big b/c our ceilings are high enough, but this year we went smaller, and I am so glad! We had tons of fun decorating it. I take a pic each year of Ruthie putting the star on. I guess next year Randall will have to hold both kids while they put it on! Excuse the grainy photo. I had my settings set to where I didn't have to use my flash.


Mari said...

What fun! I love the photo documentation!

Robin said...

How beautiful your photos are and what a beautiful scene and subjects you have!! I love the one with both of them together! I love the one with Ruthie putting the star on the tree. I got a similar one with Johnny putting the angel on. It was so special.