Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week Eight {Project52}

Yes, I failed on week 7, so I am skipping it. I am frustrated with myself, but we have soooooo much going on, it's been hard. We are super busy with the youth and we just got back from a mission trip! It's been great. I will update more later, so for now, I am just posting my P52 photo.

I had to grab a photo of Miss Ruthie on the laptop. She is loving that we have internet now. I haven't found many online games that she is able to figure out all on her own, so I would LOVE some sites that are 5 year old friendly!

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Our Family said...

try it's one that Logan's school allows him to visit from time to time. simple little games, but the kids seem to enjoy them. has some kid safe games too.